Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Visit from Sarah

This morning was all about visiting with my friend Sarah. I met her through PAMOM. She's my buddy from PAMOM's Buddy/Mentor program. She's 33 weeks pregnant with boy/boy twins! She's doing absolutely spectacular too and looking terrific. We started the morning off like usual with our milk and o's. All though recently I've added in half of a banana. The girls are both learning the sign for banana and doing pretty good at it.

Here's Maddie and Izzie eating their morning snack of Milk, O's and bananas.

After breakfast, we tidied up the house a bit and then waited for our friend Sarah to show up. The girls kicked back in their chairs in front of the window to watch outside.

Izzie giving me a silly knee hug.

Maddie wanted a hug too!

Here's a picture of Sarah before she had to leave. (Ripley wanted some camera time too.)

While Sarah and I were visiting at the kitchen table, the girls got into a giggle fest. Maddie was bopping Izzie on the head and then they would laugh and laugh. This is the tale end of it when their laughs were actually dieing down, so you can imagine what it was like before I got the camera out!

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