Sunday, March 8, 2009

Visit from Aunt Rhonda

Chenault, John, Jim and Chris playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Rhonda and Izzie reading a book

Maddie wanted in on story time too.

Me posing with my posse.

Okay, this was mean, but Izzie crawled in and got stuck this morning. I had to grab my camera before i got her out.

My sister, Rhonda, stopped by to see the girls around lunch time. Maddie and Izzie were just finishing up lunch when Rhonda showed up. They got to show off their new skill. After each of their meals, I put them down out of the high chair and hand them their milk sippys. They then walk them to the refridgerator. I open the door and they take turns putting their sippys on the bottom shelf. Then one of them shuts the fridge door. They are so proud to put up their milk, it is very cute. Today they did a great job showing off for Rhonda. After that, we just hung out in the pit playing until naptime. Rhonda didn't get to stay long enough, but hopefully she can stop by more often.

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Julie said...

Last week, I took pictures of Sabrina perched in the toy table you gave her. She wasn't crying, though, because she's made it her little nest. She gets in it all the time, pulls in books and toys, and roosts. She either faceplants getting out of it or screams for help. These girls must have a mind meld!