Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Too cool

Last night after dinner, the girls were being silly, wanting us to put their bibs back on them. It's a fashion statement in the mind of a 1 yr old that I'm not grasping. So, to take the dress-up a bit further I pulled out some baby sunglasses that my mom got the girls last summer. I had actually forgotten about them, until I was over at Ashley and Dustin's house on Saturday. Dustin pulled out a pair of baby sunglasses and gave them to his daughter Lila who ran around the house thinking it was a hoot.

Izzie thought they were fun. She was really excited. Maddie absolutely freaked out. She did not like the glasses around her face at all! So, when Maddie got so upset, it worried Izzie who wouldn't wear them either. So, I got a couple of quick photos of Izzie, none of Maddie. This is Izzie before Maddie got upset.

"Whoa... what's on my face??"

"Is it dark in here, or is it just me?"

"Oh, there's the light, I'm cool."

Maddie just ran to the other room and climbed up in Daddy's lap to play on the computer. She wasn't having any of the glasses fun.

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Lynn said...

I put Hannah's glasses on last week and she hated them. Last summer she wore them all the time.