Monday, March 9, 2009

Shopping experiences

You know, I used to really enjoy shopping or browsing stores. I'd spend the day, going from one store to the next touching the merchandise deciding if I wanted to buy it. Sometimes I'd pretend I was going to buy it and decide where it would look good in my home. This was usually for things that were out of my budget. Sometimes I'd put an item in my shopping cart and keep browsing then decide later it really wasn't what I wanted and I'd go and put it back. Occasionally I'd see an item that I thought I wanted and I'd think on it and come back the next day to buy it if I really decided it was something I needed. Most of the time shopping was more about the experience than actually things.

Wow how things have changed. Now days, I do most of my shopping at Target or Walmart. That way I can get my groceries/cat food/toiletry items/household items all in one go. The less in and out of the car the better. I usually only have an hour or two before the next snack/meal or naptime. On those days where I get the chance to go shopping without the girls, it's usually the same deal. I go during naptime or zoom out of the house while John is taking care of the girls for an afternoon. I'm all about effiency. Do I need the thing? Is it the cheapest I can get it? If I can get it cheaper somewhere else is it worth going somewhere else (the answer, usually no!) My shopping experience has changed. Today I went to buy some leather walking sandals for the summer. My last pair that were so comfortable have finally bit the dust. I had them for several summers, so they earned their keep. I wanted something stylish with good arch support. I hit DSW the biggest shoe store I know.

Girls in tow, we hit the isles. First off, the isles are wide, but they have little seats down them to assist shoe trying on that kept getting in the way of the stroller. That's the life when you are pushing a double stroller though. Anyway, I do a scan of the store, head straight to the sandals and zeroed in on 3 of the most likely candidates. Tried all three pair on and picked the ones that were the most comfortable. While wearing them, headed over to the clearance rack (one cannot go to DSW and NOT checkout the clearance rack.) Decided the sandals didn't pinch or rub anywhere and bought the shoes. Before twins I would have spent about two hours in DSW trying on almost every single shoe in the store. I especially love tring on the crazy shoes, the ones where you are thinking WHO would EVER buy this? I also love trying on the shoes that are $200. Just so my feet can say they had the experience. Okay, I do have to admit, I did try on one crazy pair today. They looked like something that the ancient Grecians wore in battle or something. I guess somethings never change.

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