Friday, March 6, 2009

Shoe shopping

A long time ago, Jackie, my mother-in-law, told me that when the girls started walking really well she wanted to buy them their first Stride Rite shoes. We planned the trip for today. Right after breakfast I got the girls in the van and we headed over to Grandma's house. She was all ready to go, so she hopped into my van and we took off to Grapevine Mills Mall. Grapevine Mills Mall is a very large mall. It's huge. Well, not Mall of America huge, but huge nonetheless. We headed over to the Stride Store and I got brave and let the girls out of the stroller. They did awesome. We got their feet measured and found out that they are a size 4.5. I had a hard time decided on which shoes I wanted for them. At first I wanted pink tennis shoes, but they didn't have two pairs in stock. Grandma ended up buying two pair of white tennis and two pair of red dress shoes. The red shoes are a bigger size, but they will grow into them. In the end I liked the white shoes better than the pink ones anyway. Both Maddie and Izzie love shoes. I've mentioned this before and it is very true. They were so thrilled to be in a shoe store. They were running around in circles giddy with happiness. I think their daddy is in trouble. We have two shoe-aholics on our hands. After shoe shopping we met up with my sis-in-law Julie with her kids Sammy and Sabrina. We went to the food court and rode the merry-go-round. Izzie really loved it, she didn't want to get down. Maddie wasn't sure if she should be having fun or if she should be scared.

After the merry-go-round we went to the Disney Store. All the kids had fun in there. Especially Sammy. He's really into WALL-e right now. Then it was time for lunch. Because Izzie said so. She didn't eat much breakfast this morning, so it makes sense that she got hungry the earliest. All the kids were great at lunch time. Maddie and Izzie ate their banana, almond butter & peach jelly sandwiches, cheese cubes and mandarin oranges. Sabrina chowed down on some cheerios since she had just eaten before she got to the mall.

Then it was time to head home which worked out perfectly for the girls nap. They dozed in the car, but were awake by the time the got home. So we only got a 40 minute nap in today, but that's okay every once in awhile. They may hit the sack a bit early tonight. They've been wearing their new shoes all afternoon. Well, actually I took them off when we got home, but they wanted them back on, so that's what I did. We had a great morning. Thanks Grandma (and Grandpa) for the new shiney shoes!

(Izzie is in the pink ruffle top and Maddie is in the white flower top)

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