Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Running around

The girls decided to take another oatmeal facial this morning. Well, facial would imply that the oatmeal was applied only to the face. So, let me refrase that. They took an oatmeal bath. After their oatmeal bath, I had to give them a real bath in the kitchen sink. Instead of getting them dressed right away, I let them run around in their diapers. Watching them run around like crazy and giggling made me realize that I don't let them just hang out in their diapers very often. They thought it was a blast.

Later, after I got them dressed for the day, I decided to be silly and I stuck a towel on Maddie's head. She thought this was the coolest thing ever. She started running around and the towel was like a cape flowing behind her. Of course Izzie had to have her very own towel (I mean cape!) They were hilarious, running around and tripping each other. The trips didn't slow them down, they would get right back up and start running again. Their capes kept falling off so they would bring them to me to put back on their heads, over and over.

Finally they tired of this activity. I had thought to go to Kid-to-Kid or Half Price Books this morning with the girls to buy them some new board books. I really think they were getting tired of the ones they already owned. Sure enough, the new (used) books were a hit. They each wanted one to read on the way home. I guess theyhad memorized their old books. Once I got home, I put their old books up, so now I can have some to switch out with them.

Maddie and Izzie running around.

Izzie and Maddie's capes.

I caught this picture just as Maddie is about to trip Izzie. She's stepping on her cape. Izzie got right back up though!

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shannnah said...

they are so cute! love the capes:) lil dz mommy from babyfit :)