Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playdate host

Maddie and Izzie hosted a playdate this morning. I helped set things up for them. Their friends Lila and Zella came (and brought their mommy Ashley) along with some new friends. Madison brought her mommy Darcy and Gregory brought his mommy Marissa. Yes, they had a BOY over. Maddie, Izzie, Lila, Zella and Gregory are all 14 months and Madison was 10 months old. They all seemed to have fun playing together in the pit. Somehow the mom's ended up sitting in there with them and we all visited over the various toys that were sounding off at any given time. Then Maddie and Izzie got clingy and were trying to climb Mount Momma again. Like some of the other playdates I've been to, it ended abrubtly when the first toddler started getting fussy. It's a domino effect. They all had a good time though. Zella and Lila borrowed Maddie and Izzie's high chairs to eat a quick lunch before they headed home. You should have seen the look on Izzie's face, she wasn't so sure about that! But she was okay with it, she just watched Lila and Zella very very closely. They had their own lunch right after everyone left. I had fun and got to meet some new mom's. I really enjoy being part of a local mom's group.

"When will my friends get here Momma??" -Izzie

Zella and Lila arrived first. They came in and were very still, absorbing the new place. Maddie and Izzie started circling them. Izzie decided they were okay and she tried sharing her toy with Lila.

Marissa and Gregory, Madison with Darcy.

Darcy started reading a story and everyone turned to watch. Lila, Izzie, Maddison, Maddie and Zella. Ashley was in there too.

Lila and Zella borrowed the highchairs to eat a quick lunch before they headed home for naptime.

Izzie watched the girls very closely while they were eating in her highchairs.

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