Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture catch-up

Yesterday after nap, I put the tiara's on the girls again. This was the best photo I could get of Izzie. She was so thrilled with her tiara that she was parading around and I could NOT get a front face picture. She just wouldn't stop moving.

Here's Maddie, excited about her tiara too!

Today at On the Border. Izzie is eating a banana I brought her. She was giggling for Nana.

Maddie. What an expression!

Took the girls to Target. I thought I got both girls looking at the camera, but Izzie must have turned away at the last second. This is how we usually go shopping now. I have Izzie strapped down with a belt. She likes riding in the bucket and Maddie likes on top. I tried switching them once and it was a disaster. Don't fix what isn't broken! This configuration does leave little room for groceries. Now you understand why I make a million trips to Target! I need to take an after shot. The one where poor little Izzie is buried in produce.

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