Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pick-up time

I have mentioned it before, but it's really true. I am a routine kind of person. I don't think I was always that way. And maybe it is why I like to be spontanious, to break up my own routines. But ever since having the twins, I've been a routine stickler. Every morning when the girls wake up, I go in and say good morning. Then I pick up one girl and change her diaper. I'm not consistant with who, usually it's the girl who looks the most awake. Anyway, I change her diaper and usually go ahead and get them dressed for the day. Then I sit her on the floor and change the second girl.

This morning I picked up Izzie first. I changed her, and sat her on the floor. There are only about 8 small little toys in their room, since they pretty much only sleep in there. A few blocks, a bear, a rattle, a book & a ball. Izzie was playing with the ball and the rattle while I was changing Maddie. After I change the second girl, I squat to the floor and say, "Time for milk and O's!" and the second girl always comes running. I pick them both up at the same time, using my legs to stand and carry them down the stairs. (They can now go UP the stairs by themselves but not down. Waiting for the day!)

This morning I told Izzie to put up her toys. I said, "Izzie put your toys on the shelf and then we can get some milk and O's." I did not expect her to follow through with that statement. Boy did my jaw drop to the ground when she went to the shelf and not only did she put up her rattle and ball, she picked up the blocks that were on the floor and put them on the shelf too! I was so excited, I told her she was such a big helper!

It shouldn't have surprised me that much, because the past couple of days we've been working on picking up our toys before naptime and bedtime. For about a month now, everytime we leave Nana's house I have the girls put all of their toys in a basket. Acutally what usually happens is that I put the toys in the basket and tell the girls, "Bye bye toys, it's time to go home." The last couple of times visiting Nana, the girls have done it all on their own. So, I figured it was time to start at home.

I take a basket and we walk around the downstairs throwing all of the toys in the basket. We'll work on sorting later. Right now, everything goes in the basket. They are such good helpers!

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