Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Anniversary, Year 6

Six years ago today, before the twins were even a thought in our minds, John and I were planning on getting married. Our wedding was an evening wedding. We were debating last night if we got married at 7pm or 8pm. John seemed to think that perhaps our anniversary shouldn't start until that time. I convinced him otherwise. It's funny, my wedding day is a day that I probably spent close to a year to plan and it happened so fast. Now, six years later all the details of the day are fuzzy, captured in photographs to jog our memory. Now it doesn't really matter if we had roses or daisies. If we had salmon for dinner or fillet mignon. (I dont' think we had either of those selections actually...) It doesn't matter if the bridesmaids wore plum or burgundy. What does matter is that the bridesmaids and groomsmen were there. Along with all of our family to support John and I in a lifetime together. What matters is that we were in love and ready to start a journey together. What matters is that we have family around us that supports us and nurtures our love.

Now we are just a few years into our journey and life is so different from that day six years ago. We have two beautiful children, a house, a car, a minivan (!), a dog, two cats and a tree. And the good thing is, we are still in love ready to continue our journey together.

I heard once that you should never say that you know the person you are married to. The day you think you know exactly who the person you are married to is; is the day that your relationship will get stagnant. In the past six years, John and I have gotten to know each other over and over. When we think we've got each other figured out, we change, we grow. This past year I've gotten to know John as a father to my children. I hit the jackpot there. I had never really seen John around too many babies/children so I didn't really know how he was going to be. I knew he was a terrific husband but husband and father are worlds apart. John is the best dad that two girls could ever have. He is so hands on. I'm so glad that Maddie and Izzie have him as their dad. The best gift a couple can give their children is each others love. Maddie and Izzie are growing up in a family that is full of warmth and love.

Each year on our anniversary we go to the Melting Pot for dinner. I love that we have that tradition. It takes the stress out of the gift giving. Anyone can go and buy a gift. The best thing for an anniversary is the quiet time to reflect on the past together. The Melting Pot is a very romantic quiet restaurant. It's fondue style so it is fun to cook our dinner together. It takes team work. If I drop a potato in the pot, John helps fish it out. It is a long dinner, taking an hour and half to two hours to eat. There is a lot of time for quiet reflection and visiting. Will we go there forever? Who knows, but for now it's our special tradition. We look forward to it at the beginning of February each year. We look at their menu and plan out our evening. Which courses we want to eat. The whole event is a togetherness.

I just want to say to John, that I love you! I'm proud to be your wife. You are the best husband a girl could ask for. When I'm down, you pick me up. You are my counterbalance, my anchor. You are my soft place to land and my shoulder to lean on. You give me the courage to reach for my dreams and the confidence to know that I can do whatever I want. You are my support and I will love you forever and always.

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The Williams Family said...

That was beautiful! I can only hope my husband and I have half of that one our 6th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary! :)