Monday, March 16, 2009

On the Border

This morning started out terrific. Maddie and Izzie woke up happy as bumble bees. They ate their milk and O's and were giggling like crazy. Then, I put them in the pit to play and the world turned upside down. They usually play in the pit for 45 min to an hour, while I eat my breakfast and make their breakfast. Not today. They (Izzie started it) cried and cried. I finally let them out. Izzie sat in my lap the whole time I ate breakfast. She didn't want out of my sight (or arms.) Maddie was content, since it seemed that sissy was okay. Then just as Izzie was calming down, Maddie started getting fussy. It didn't help that I smushed her finger in the dishwasher and then the bathroom door! The poor little angel. I was pulling my hair out, they were so fussy. Then what would be illogical in most families, I call my mom and ask if she wanted to go out to lunch. I loaded the girls up in the car and we went to Nana's house to pick her up. We decided on On the Border. The girls were great. They ate their whole lunch. It was peaceful, quiet and happy.

We made it home without falling asleep in the car, so I figured naptime would be long too. I'm not so sure about that though. They've been asleep for about an hour, and I'm starting to hear peeps on the monitor. It seems like a short nap day again. I swore I would talk about naps all the time, but they are so important to my girls moods. The equation is simple.
Long Nap = Great Evening
Short Nap = Cranky Evening
There are a few add ons.
Short Nap + Waking up Happy = Okay Evening
Any Nap + Waking up Crying = Cranky Evening

I hate to label or predict how the evening will be based on the nap, but it just seems to happen that way. Like most things there are exceptions to the rules. I found that on cranky evenings if the weather is nice and we can go outside, then that is a guaranteed way to turn the grumps into smiles.

I think I'm rambling now, so to summarize I had a hectic morning, a fun lunch and even though it seems like I'm in for a short nap, I hope to have a terrific evening.

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