Friday, March 20, 2009

Mother-Daughter Morning

This morning I decided to take the girls to the park at Firewheel Mall. I vaguely remembered it being an enclosed park. Which is important when you are dealing with 15 month old twins. (The girls are 15 months old today!!) They loved it. At first both were a bit timid. Well, all of two minutes. Then it was pure joy. Izzie was running around in big circles making sounds of glee. Maddie had fun getting in and out of the train. That kept her busy for quite a while. They liked watching the other toddlers for a bit, but mostly they enjoyed the freedom of running around outside. I liked the park because it was enclosed, the ground was squishy (for the occasional fall), all of the toys were low to the ground and it gave the girls a feeling of independence. After playing for about 45 minutes the park started to get a bit more crowded and I was feeling brave. I decided to take the girls out to lunch by myself for the first time. It actually went great. We went to San Fransico Oven since it is right next to the park. I ordered the girls a turkey and cheese sandwich with applesauce and I got another sandwich for myself. They ate pretty well, but like usual when we go out to eat, they enjoy watching people more than eating. By the time we made it home, both girls were super exhausted. I took them up to nap half an hour early, but someone is still making little peeps over the monitor (30 minutes later.) We had a wonderful Mother-Daughter Morning and a great way to celebrate turning 15 months old.

I forgot my camera, so these were taken with my cell phone:

Madeline investigating the train.

Izzie and Maddie running around. There was no way to get a good picture, they didn't stop moving!

Maddie and Izzie playing with another young girl.

Madeline. Notice her arms thrown back, she was running.

Isabelle climbed in the train all by herself. She was very proud.

Isabelle riding one of the toys.

Maddie and Izzie eating lunch with Momma.

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