Monday, March 2, 2009

Melting Pot

Me and John at the Melting Pot.

John, isn't he so cute??? :) Posing for the camera.

By beautiful roses. Also, a picture they took of us last night before we left.

I'm being silly, posing for the camera. Between courses, we were taking lots of pictures.

Here we are getting ready to leave.

Last night was terrific. The whole evening just was so much fun. First off, I was excited because I got to wear a cocktail dress I bought for a trip to Hawaii that we went on a couple of years ago. I didn't end up wearing the dress in Hawaii and so I have been disappointed that I haven't gotten to wear it. So, I figured last night was a great opportunity. John thought I looked lovely. He didn't know I was planning on wearing the dress, so when I came down the stairs I got the apropriate jaw drop. He said I looked stunning.

He ordered flowers for me and they were sitting on the table when we got to the restaurant. Six roses for six years. It was incredibly sweet. We ordered the Big Night Out which had Boston Lagar Cheddar Cheese Fondue, a Southwestern Cob Salad, Mojo Style Lobster Feast Fondue, and Dark Cherries Jubilee Fondue for dessert. I ordered a Love Martini which was delicious! It was Malibu Rub with Strawberries shaped like hearts.

The girls were at home with Grandma and Grandpa who very generously offered up their babysitting services. They make a great team and the girls had a blast. Apparently they had to show Grandma and Grandpa ALL of the toys in their toy box one at a time. Grandma said that bedtime was a breeze.

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