Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tonight the girls ate Shredded Salsa Beef with us for dinner. I usually try and give them a bit of whatever we are having for dinner. Sometimes it goes over well, other nights, not so much. Last night I only gave them a little bit of the taco beef, I didn't think they'd like it that much. I ended up scapping the skillet to give them more. Since they liked that so much, I figured they'd like tonights dinner and I gave them a lot of it. They did. They ate it all up. I'm so proud that they are great eaters. When I get frustrated for a minute when they turn their nose up at something, I have to remember the big picture and that they will eat almost anything I put in front of them.

I hope everyone is enjoying reading my sidebar and getting ideas on what to cook for dinner. I'm about to file March away, so make sure you take notes if you are interested! Also, since starting The Frickin Chicken, I'm posting most of my recipes there, so take a look and leave a comment saying hello!


Seren Dippity said...

As much as I like your list of dinners and recipe fun, the one night that tempts me the most is..... yes, THE MELTING POT. I love that place.

I think it is great that the girls are lovin' TexMex food. Do you make them little mini tacos?

The official name for the salsa beef taco is Barbacoa. Traditionally made with goat meat or the meat from the head of a cow roasted over an open fire pit, the acceptable TexMex equivalent is to use a chuck roast.

Amanda said...

I think I'll stick with the chuck roast! Although I'm sure the butcher at Kroger wouldn't mind giving me a cow's head.