Friday, March 27, 2009


Izzie has learned the sign for "diaper!" She said "diaper" along with the sign this morning when I asked her if she needed a new one. When she said it sounded like "bop," so I would have never known it was diaper except paired with the sign! I can really see how signing enhances communication with the spoken word. If not for her sign, I would have tought she was just babbling, when instead she was actually communicating to me that yes, in fact, she did need a clean diaper. By the way, the sign for diaper is to take your pointer and middle finger and tap with your thumb while holding your hands near your waist.

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Unknown said...

That's so cool. My guys do the sign for "food" and Nalu just did the sign for "baby" this morning. Aren't you amazed by what they soak up and understand?