Thursday, March 26, 2009


Monday, at the doctor's office the nurse asked if the girls had started to "color" or scribble. I told her I hadn't brought out the crayola's yet! She said, no problem, she was just wondering. Then she marked "no opportunity" on their file! I of course, cannot stand for that. My girls not having the opportunity to color?? What is wrong with this picture? I'm an artist for goodness sake. I did have to point out to her that we HAVE done other arts & crafts. Bonus points for me! The girls did get crayons from their Nana at their birthday, but I had put them up for use at a later date. I decided that today was the day. I got out their booster seats and some paper and their crayola's. I gave each girl a color and showed them how to mark on the page. Izzie loved it, she got right into the project. Maddie thought she was supposed to eat the crayola. I told her gently no, not to eat it, but to color with it. I didn't say it harsh or anything but she BURST into tears. It took a while to calm her down. The whole time Izzie is just coloring away. Maddie finally got into it and had some fun, but it wasn't a reaction I was anticipating!

Maddie did not like coloring at first.

Izzie got right into it. She thought it was terrific.

Maddie finally calmed down and started to color but she didn't ever get as enthused as Izzie.

Here is a video of the girls first coloring project:

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