Monday, March 23, 2009


Last night I sat down to catch up on my blogging. But then I realized I was too tired to work on it. It was a very full weekend. It's not like I'm that far behind, but this weekend my sister has been here and we took so many cute pictures of the girls. Ever since they were born I have been very diligent about labeling the photographs within a day or two at the most. This is because if I don't do it right away, I won't remember which girl is which! I can tell Maddie and Izzie apart in person, but sometimes in a photo I am really stumped. Luckily the last few days, they've either been in different outfits or I put a different color bow in their hair. These days they really are starting to look very similar!

Here a few more pictures that I loved from the other night at Julie's Birthday get-together.

Sammy just chillin with his "sip." They went to Dunkin Donuts early in the day and he's also sporting his way cool hat.

"I Love you to death," says Sabrina. Maddie and Sabrina were giving kisses and then Sabrina got aggressive with her love!

Sabrina is officially walking. Okay, well she was officially walking a week ago, but I finally got to see it. She's at that adorable waddle stage, but she is very efficient she was walking across the living room and the backyard with no problems.

John and I bought Julie a t-shirt for her birthday that says, "I fantasize about the UPS man." It was very fitting since Chris is a manager at a UPS branch.

On the way over to Grandma's house. The girls took an extra long nap! and we had to do snack in the car. We had to stop for gas and I took this picture while John was pumping. Maddie on the left and Izzie is on the right.

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