Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tonight the girls ate Shredded Salsa Beef with us for dinner. I usually try and give them a bit of whatever we are having for dinner. Sometimes it goes over well, other nights, not so much. Last night I only gave them a little bit of the taco beef, I didn't think they'd like it that much. I ended up scapping the skillet to give them more. Since they liked that so much, I figured they'd like tonights dinner and I gave them a lot of it. They did. They ate it all up. I'm so proud that they are great eaters. When I get frustrated for a minute when they turn their nose up at something, I have to remember the big picture and that they will eat almost anything I put in front of them.

I hope everyone is enjoying reading my sidebar and getting ideas on what to cook for dinner. I'm about to file March away, so make sure you take notes if you are interested! Also, since starting The Frickin Chicken, I'm posting most of my recipes there, so take a look and leave a comment saying hello!

Visit from Sarah

This morning was all about visiting with my friend Sarah. I met her through PAMOM. She's my buddy from PAMOM's Buddy/Mentor program. She's 33 weeks pregnant with boy/boy twins! She's doing absolutely spectacular too and looking terrific. We started the morning off like usual with our milk and o's. All though recently I've added in half of a banana. The girls are both learning the sign for banana and doing pretty good at it.

Here's Maddie and Izzie eating their morning snack of Milk, O's and bananas.

After breakfast, we tidied up the house a bit and then waited for our friend Sarah to show up. The girls kicked back in their chairs in front of the window to watch outside.

Izzie giving me a silly knee hug.

Maddie wanted a hug too!

Here's a picture of Sarah before she had to leave. (Ripley wanted some camera time too.)

While Sarah and I were visiting at the kitchen table, the girls got into a giggle fest. Maddie was bopping Izzie on the head and then they would laugh and laugh. This is the tale end of it when their laughs were actually dieing down, so you can imagine what it was like before I got the camera out!

Too cool

Last night after dinner, the girls were being silly, wanting us to put their bibs back on them. It's a fashion statement in the mind of a 1 yr old that I'm not grasping. So, to take the dress-up a bit further I pulled out some baby sunglasses that my mom got the girls last summer. I had actually forgotten about them, until I was over at Ashley and Dustin's house on Saturday. Dustin pulled out a pair of baby sunglasses and gave them to his daughter Lila who ran around the house thinking it was a hoot.

Izzie thought they were fun. She was really excited. Maddie absolutely freaked out. She did not like the glasses around her face at all! So, when Maddie got so upset, it worried Izzie who wouldn't wear them either. So, I got a couple of quick photos of Izzie, none of Maddie. This is Izzie before Maddie got upset.

"Whoa... what's on my face??"

"Is it dark in here, or is it just me?"

"Oh, there's the light, I'm cool."

Maddie just ran to the other room and climbed up in Daddy's lap to play on the computer. She wasn't having any of the glasses fun.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Toy Room Organization

I've spent most of naptime trying to organize the toy room, or "the Pit" as it has been affectionately been called around here. The other day I went to Big Lots, one of my father-in-law's favorite stores for a good deal. I bought a bunch of clear bins for $3 each. This afternoon I gathered up some of the girls toys and took pictures of the toys. Then in photoshop, I labeled the pictures with words. After taping the pictures to the bins, I cleared up the toy room and started sorting. I know this will last all of 3 minutes once the girls wake up, but for right now, it sure does look pretty. I still need to "organize" the toy box for some of the bigger toys. Their toy box has three divisions in it, and we've just been tossing stuff in. I'll sort through it in a while and have a bin for dolls, big stuffed animals, and big misc toys. My goal is to start teaching the girls how to put stuff away. Right now, they are pretty good at putting books on their bookshelf in the office, they put their tubberware away in the kitchen cabinet and everything else goes in a basket. For 15 months I think they are doing terrific! Hopefully soon, I want to buy/build some shelves for these bins to go on.

I used to just throw everything into the toy box, but as you can see, it was starting to over flow and it was such a jumble the girls had a hard time figuring out what to do with the stuff. I hope this helps. If nothing else, they will enjoy carrying the bins around, for I'm certain they will do that! Too bad, I can't think of a way to stick them to the floor...

Maddie's reading corner

Here are some great pictures of Maddie reading in front of the window.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Day

This morning turned into a Daddy-daughter day. I called my friend Ashley up at 9:30 to see if she wanted to go out to lunch today. She said yes, but that she was going to do a class at the gym at 10am first. I decided to join her. So we did a 10am gym class, which was a great class, the instructor was brutal! It is half aerobics and half weight lifting. Last time I did the class I had only 5 lbs on my barbell, today I went up to 10lbs.

After the gym we went to Zorba's Greek Cafe for lunch. I absolutely love that place by the way! After stuffing ourselves silly on gyros, lemon chicken soup and hummus we went down the street to Babies R Us. Surprisingly enough neither of us bought anything at Babies R Us. I think we were feeling selfish and wanted a Mommy day only. By this time we were figuring the guys might be wanting us to come home, so I dropped Ashley off and headed home myself. The girls are actually still down for nap. John must have worn them out today!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Izzie has learned the sign for "diaper!" She said "diaper" along with the sign this morning when I asked her if she needed a new one. When she said it sounded like "bop," so I would have never known it was diaper except paired with the sign! I can really see how signing enhances communication with the spoken word. If not for her sign, I would have tought she was just babbling, when instead she was actually communicating to me that yes, in fact, she did need a clean diaper. By the way, the sign for diaper is to take your pointer and middle finger and tap with your thumb while holding your hands near your waist.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Monday, at the doctor's office the nurse asked if the girls had started to "color" or scribble. I told her I hadn't brought out the crayola's yet! She said, no problem, she was just wondering. Then she marked "no opportunity" on their file! I of course, cannot stand for that. My girls not having the opportunity to color?? What is wrong with this picture? I'm an artist for goodness sake. I did have to point out to her that we HAVE done other arts & crafts. Bonus points for me! The girls did get crayons from their Nana at their birthday, but I had put them up for use at a later date. I decided that today was the day. I got out their booster seats and some paper and their crayola's. I gave each girl a color and showed them how to mark on the page. Izzie loved it, she got right into the project. Maddie thought she was supposed to eat the crayola. I told her gently no, not to eat it, but to color with it. I didn't say it harsh or anything but she BURST into tears. It took a while to calm her down. The whole time Izzie is just coloring away. Maddie finally got into it and had some fun, but it wasn't a reaction I was anticipating!

Maddie did not like coloring at first.

Izzie got right into it. She thought it was terrific.

Maddie finally calmed down and started to color but she didn't ever get as enthused as Izzie.

Here is a video of the girls first coloring project:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Running around

The girls decided to take another oatmeal facial this morning. Well, facial would imply that the oatmeal was applied only to the face. So, let me refrase that. They took an oatmeal bath. After their oatmeal bath, I had to give them a real bath in the kitchen sink. Instead of getting them dressed right away, I let them run around in their diapers. Watching them run around like crazy and giggling made me realize that I don't let them just hang out in their diapers very often. They thought it was a blast.

Later, after I got them dressed for the day, I decided to be silly and I stuck a towel on Maddie's head. She thought this was the coolest thing ever. She started running around and the towel was like a cape flowing behind her. Of course Izzie had to have her very own towel (I mean cape!) They were hilarious, running around and tripping each other. The trips didn't slow them down, they would get right back up and start running again. Their capes kept falling off so they would bring them to me to put back on their heads, over and over.

Finally they tired of this activity. I had thought to go to Kid-to-Kid or Half Price Books this morning with the girls to buy them some new board books. I really think they were getting tired of the ones they already owned. Sure enough, the new (used) books were a hit. They each wanted one to read on the way home. I guess theyhad memorized their old books. Once I got home, I put their old books up, so now I can have some to switch out with them.

Maddie and Izzie running around.

Izzie and Maddie's capes.

I caught this picture just as Maddie is about to trip Izzie. She's stepping on her cape. Izzie got right back up though!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Cody

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law Cody. He officially gets a year older today at 9:00pm. It's his last birthday before becoming a Dad. Enjoy!


Apparently Ripley likes the girls new chairs too.

Izzie sporting a cute little dress I bought at Kid to Kid a couple of weeks ago.

Maddie hugging a bunny that I bought hoping for a substitute to her "lovey" bunny that is slowly dying. This one is good enough to hug, but it sure isn't "BUNNY."

Today is a drizzly sort of day. The rain has been coming and going. Both girls, but Maddie especially are not feeling their best after yesterday's shots. Maddie has wanted me to hold her all morning long. After reading several books in my lap we finally sat on the couch together to watch some of the Signing Time Video I bought the girls a few weeks ago. They really got into that, signing along with the video on the words they know. Neither of them are running fevers, but they must not be feeling well. It's just not normal for them to cry this much or want me to hold them that long. Hopefully after lunch, they will take a long nap and feel better when they wake up.

One other thing we did this morning that held their interest for all of 5 minutes was to go outside on the front porch and watch the rain. Of course the both had to walk out in the rain and both girls had very different reactions. Maddie actually let out this cute little giggle and put a huge smile on her face. Izzie curled up her fists, got mad and ran back under the cover. Then she went out in it again and just stood there still as a statue. She didn't like it, but didn't want to miss out either. It was only drizzling so they didn't get that wet, just a few big fat rain drops on their head.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Doctors Appointment

Madeline and Isabelle had their 15 month check up today! They got a shot which they weren't too happy about, but both girls did a great job at the doctors. While we were waiting in the room they were stripped down to their diapers and were running around the room like silly little goofs. Here are their "official" stats:

Madeline Elizabeth:
Weight: 23 lbs (50th percentile)
Length 31 1/4" (75th percentile)
Head circumference: 18" (50th percentile)

Isabelle Dawn
Weight: 22 lbs 13 oz (50th percentile)
Length 30 1/4" (50th percentile)
Head circumference: 17 3/4" (25th percentile)

The nurse got their heights wrong and was going to remeasure but forgot. I'm going to try and remeasure them tonight when John gets home. They are not an inch difference! They look the same height, maybe a 1/4" different.

More photos

Rhonda heping Maddie push her lawnmower.

Rhonda teaching Izzie to become a baton twirler.

Here I am reading a story to Maddie and Izzie. They crawl up into my lap anytime I grab a book.

I bought these little chairs for the girls and they love to sit in them while they are reading. Izzie pulls her feed up and gets really comfy!

This was taken early in the morning. Both girls have a serious case of bed head!

Sunday morning at the park

Yesterday morning, my sister, Rhonda, and I took the girls to a new park. It was an awesome park. It had an area for toddlers and then a separate area for the big kids. The morning was very cloudy and even though the temperature was in the 70's the wind made it quite chilly. I think Izzie could have stayed in the swing all day, she had that much fun.

Maddie swinging, Rhonda pushing Izzie.

Rhonda, Izzie and Maddie at the park.

Maddie swinging with Momma.

Maddie and Izzie

Izzie found the sandbox all on her own. They had fun putting the sand in the buckets and eggs that were in the box.

Rhonda playing with Izzie and Maddie in the sandbox. Neither one of the girls liked it when the sand stuck to their hands, but they did like playing in the sand.


Last night I sat down to catch up on my blogging. But then I realized I was too tired to work on it. It was a very full weekend. It's not like I'm that far behind, but this weekend my sister has been here and we took so many cute pictures of the girls. Ever since they were born I have been very diligent about labeling the photographs within a day or two at the most. This is because if I don't do it right away, I won't remember which girl is which! I can tell Maddie and Izzie apart in person, but sometimes in a photo I am really stumped. Luckily the last few days, they've either been in different outfits or I put a different color bow in their hair. These days they really are starting to look very similar!

Here a few more pictures that I loved from the other night at Julie's Birthday get-together.

Sammy just chillin with his "sip." They went to Dunkin Donuts early in the day and he's also sporting his way cool hat.

"I Love you to death," says Sabrina. Maddie and Sabrina were giving kisses and then Sabrina got aggressive with her love!

Sabrina is officially walking. Okay, well she was officially walking a week ago, but I finally got to see it. She's at that adorable waddle stage, but she is very efficient she was walking across the living room and the backyard with no problems.

John and I bought Julie a t-shirt for her birthday that says, "I fantasize about the UPS man." It was very fitting since Chris is a manager at a UPS branch.

On the way over to Grandma's house. The girls took an extra long nap! and we had to do snack in the car. We had to stop for gas and I took this picture while John was pumping. Maddie on the left and Izzie is on the right.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crazy busy

This weekend has been so full! I've been busy and I've taken probably close to 100 photos just in the past two days. I haven't had time to go through all of the photos yet. Here are a few pictures from Julie's birthday get-together.

Momma and Izzie

Sabrina and Grandma

Grandpa, Sabrina, Izzie and Maddie.

Chris and John

Maddie "mowing" the yard.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Julie and Unka D

Today is my sister-in-law, Julie's Birthday. Hope it's a great one! We are going over later today to celebrate.

It's also my Unka D's birthday. He's turning 40 and announced that he is "going off the grid" today. No one will be able to reach him. Luckily, John remembered that he said this. So, last night before bed, I called him to wish him an EARLY happy 40th B-day! Have fun hiding Unka!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mother-Daughter Morning

This morning I decided to take the girls to the park at Firewheel Mall. I vaguely remembered it being an enclosed park. Which is important when you are dealing with 15 month old twins. (The girls are 15 months old today!!) They loved it. At first both were a bit timid. Well, all of two minutes. Then it was pure joy. Izzie was running around in big circles making sounds of glee. Maddie had fun getting in and out of the train. That kept her busy for quite a while. They liked watching the other toddlers for a bit, but mostly they enjoyed the freedom of running around outside. I liked the park because it was enclosed, the ground was squishy (for the occasional fall), all of the toys were low to the ground and it gave the girls a feeling of independence. After playing for about 45 minutes the park started to get a bit more crowded and I was feeling brave. I decided to take the girls out to lunch by myself for the first time. It actually went great. We went to San Fransico Oven since it is right next to the park. I ordered the girls a turkey and cheese sandwich with applesauce and I got another sandwich for myself. They ate pretty well, but like usual when we go out to eat, they enjoy watching people more than eating. By the time we made it home, both girls were super exhausted. I took them up to nap half an hour early, but someone is still making little peeps over the monitor (30 minutes later.) We had a wonderful Mother-Daughter Morning and a great way to celebrate turning 15 months old.

I forgot my camera, so these were taken with my cell phone:

Madeline investigating the train.

Izzie and Maddie running around. There was no way to get a good picture, they didn't stop moving!

Maddie and Izzie playing with another young girl.

Madeline. Notice her arms thrown back, she was running.

Isabelle climbed in the train all by herself. She was very proud.

Isabelle riding one of the toys.

Maddie and Izzie eating lunch with Momma.