Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why we went to Subway tonight

At dinner last night with my fellow Mom's of Multiples we started talking about discipline. This is an important part of parenting in general but when you are dealing with multiple children of the same age, it is a must. I was sitting close at the dinner table with two ladies who have triplets. When people ask me how I can handle twins, I can always tell them, "It's easy, at least I don't have three!" The mom's of three say the same thing about not having quads. I guess it can go up the ladder and stop at the crazy woman that just had octuplets recently. But that is a digression. We all love our children and could not imagine having it any other way than the way it is. If I had had triplets, then I would have loved all of them and been super happy to have them all. But I had my twins and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But back to the discipline discussion. A couple of the ladies at the dinner table use a method called Love and Logic. It's a very popular discipline method that has several books and seminars. I actually bought the book last week and read it because so many people had been talking about it on different message boards. After reading it, I decided that I do like a lot of their methods and talking points, but overall I feel it is cold and not a loving way to raise children. (This is just my personal opinion.) It's all about real world consequences and hard knocks. Letting kids learn from their own mistakes and not cushioning their falls. I don't really buy into that. One thing I do like about the book is giving kids lots of choices. Do you want to wear this outfit or this outfit? Do you want to walk to the car or skip to the car? Do you want to have broccoli or green beans for dinner tonight? It's supposed to give kids some control of their world with the parent still maintaining the ultimate outcome.

But again, I digress. The reason I started thinking of this tonight was because a comment another lady made. After I told one of the ladies last night that I didn't think I was going to use Love and Logic on my kids, she said to me that her friend (who uses L&L) was able to take her kids out to eat without any issues. She was amazed by this and wanted it for her own kids. I think all parents want to be able to take their kids out in public and not be embarrassed, so it's a great goal to have in mind! So far, my girls have always been really great when I've taken them out to eat. But I got to thinking and we haven't really gone out to eat in a couple of months. So, I started to get worried. So, John and I took the girls to Subway tonight as a "trail run" to see how they'd do after a few months of only eating at home and grandma's house.

They did great. They ate their dinner, they didn't throw their food or their sippy's on the floor. (Maddie's did roll on the floor once, but that was an accident.) They smiled at the other customers and had a great time. Sure, Subway may not be the fanciest place, but it is a great place to do a trial run. We had fun tonight, eating out with our daughters.

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Seren Dippity said...

Hey, I think that's a great excuse.... err.... reason to go out to dinner. Maybe you and I can do some more "training" lunches?

Actually, I think my beautifully ponytailed, exceptionally talented, and decidedly brilliant grandbaby girls are fantastic at restaurants. It amazes me how long they have been able to sit quietly and nicely at such young ages. Not being biased or anything I'd have to say they act better than my daughters ever did. :-P (And I always thought my daughters were fairly well behaved in public.)

Love the bows!!