Sunday, February 15, 2009


This was another not-too-much going on weekend. Yesterday was Valentines Day, but we didn't do anything special. Neither one of us even left the house. Oh, wait, I did. I went to the gym with Ashley. We had a great workout. Other than that, it was just normal routine with the girls. They were pretty good. They've had a couple of days with longer naps.

Today, wasn't one of those days. They slept about an hour and half, which isn't bad, but I could get spoiled to those two and half hour naps pretty easily. They actually woke up from nap a bit groggy today so we went on a walk around the neighborhood. It's a very bright crisp day out. Right now, the girls are practicing their walking skills. They love to walk everywhere and they walk back and forth from the kitchen to the office and back again. Usually bringing a new toy to me on every trip.

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