Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yesterday was a busy day for me. The morning started off slow and normal with the girls waking up at 6:45 which is their normal time to wake up. We hung out and had breakfast. I was considering the gym, but didn't end up going. Then my friend Ashley called me at 10:30 to meet her for lunch early at 11. We had planned on going to lunch, but originally said noon. I told her I was flexible with the time though. So I kissed the girls and John goodbye and met Ashley at Tin Star. It's a yummy counter service Tex-Mex restaurant. I had some delicious vegetable quesedillas. From there, we went over to Central Market. It's a mix between a "normal" grocery store and a Whole Foods grocery store. It's really a neat place to shop. There is so much variety and interesting foods to try. After our exploration of Central Market, Ashley wanted to stop at the pet store that was next door, but I decided I needed to get home.

As I was leaving the parking lot, I decided it was a good thing I didn't go in the petstore today! There was a huge protest going on. A bunch of people had posters with slogans saying to adopt from the pound, don't buy from a store. Apparently this store is buying from puppy mills, or at least that is what the protesters were saying. Personally, I agree, no one should buy from a puppy store. If you are going to buy a breed dog, then you need to check out the breeder and the parents of the dog. But that's a whole other topic!

I came home for about an hour and then turned right back out (this time with the girls) to go over to my mother-in-law's house for dinner. Dana and Cody were in town and the whole family showed up. John stayed home, because he was wishing for a peaceful evening. Grandma, Aunt Judy & Uncle Jim, Julie, Chris, Sammy and Sabrina were all in attendance. Izzie spent the evening showing off how well she could walk. Maddie is getting better and better, but Izzie is walking across the room on her own now. For dinner we put the leaves in the table and were almost sitting out in the living room the table go so long. With the three high chairs, it was quite crowded! Sabrina has a lovely squeal that she was showing off and Maddie and Izzie were joining in on the converstation too. Then at 6:00pm they turned into pumpkins and just had a meltdown. They were so tired, and they just cried and cried. I made a hasty exit (leaving my beloved camera behind) and headed home. Maddie cried almost the whole entire drive home. They haven't done that in a long time.

After I put the girls down to bed, I went to the gym. Somehow. I was so tired, I chose the bike, because I didn't think I could stand up on a treadmill. Weird logic. I still somehow got in a good workout.

After a long week of boring, yesterday was a nice change of pace.

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