Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend trip

We all got back from our weekend trip to Bryan just a few hours ago. I've taken the time this afternoon to unwind from a long drive. The girls were TERRIFIC both going and coming home. I think it helped having Daddy in the backseat, but they didn't cry once on either drive. John ended up in the back, because my mom came with us. Poor Chris got some kind of bug and ended up having to stay home all by himself. I get carsick in the back of the van, so John volunteered to sit in the back. This gave my mom and I good visiting time up front. I did all the driving, which John enjoyed, I think.

Our trip was fun but short. I wish I had time to visit everyone I want when I go to College Station. This time I didn't get to see my cousin Lisa or my friend Jamie. We came in on Friday right at the girl's bedtime. I was exhausted. Friday was a super windy day in Texas and I battled driving the van for the whole trip. I gave Mema and Pepaw some hugs and I hit the sack pretty early. Saturday was also a whirlwind. We went to visit Grandma Bettie and Grandpa Jimmy. My dad is now living in College Station, so he got to see his grandkids for the first time. We had a short visit, then it was time for nap. After naptime, Mema got to play with the girls for a bit and it was off to Aunt Linda and Uncle Duane's new house to celebrate Mema's birthday. We had to leave a bit early because the girls started getting sleepy. Next thing I know, it's Sunday morning and we were packing up to head home. I was so glad I got some visiting in, but it always goes by too fast.

(I'll post some pictures as soon as I get a chance to sort them!)

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