Monday, February 16, 2009

Updates & photos

Izzie and Maddie were wrestling the other day, I was lucky to catch a few pictures.

The were both laughing the whole entire time.

Then they were tired.

Maddie and Izzie's first music lesson. John got out his old guitar and let the girls strum on the strings. They thought it was very cool.

More practice.

I took the girls to Sam's yesterday morning. The cool think about Sam's is their carts are built for twins! Maddie and Izzie had a blast being able to sit next each other.

Other news. The girls are really getting into pretending. Today they each "fed" their baby dolls with a spoon. Izzie was holding the baby in her lap rocking it and feeding it. While she was holding the spoon up to it's mouth she was saying, "num, num, num." Maddie had me hold the baby up for her to put the spoon in it's mouth. Then she'd try out the spoon too.

They are both walking really well now, and even trying to run a bit. Since they haven't mastered balance, their run is more of a couple of lunges and then a face plant, but they keep trying.

Earlier, Mom, Chris and his friend Wilbur came to pick me up for lunch. The girls were just about to go down for nap. Mom, Wilbur and I were sitting on the playroom floor and Izzie went and brought us each a toy. She was in a sharing mood I guess.

Both girls are still really into books. This morning I found them in their tent together each reading their own story book.

Well, that's all I can think of now. It's been busy, the girls are keeping me on my toes both physically and mentally. A clean house is just going to be a dream for a while. I spend most of the day cleaning the mess that I had just cleaned up about an hour before!

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