Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Here is Izzie playing with Xavier. I didn't get a picture of Maddie because she wouldn't get out of my lap.

This morning I took the girls to a playdate at Gina's house in my Wylie Mom's Group. I hadn't met Gina yet, or any of the other mom's that were scheduled to come. I was excited to meet some new Mom's and let the girls interact with some new kids. Sadly, only one other mom, Raquel came with her son Danny. And of course, Gina's son, Xavier was there. Both Izzie and Maddie were pretty shy at first, but Izzie got brave and started playing with some toys. Maddie never let me out of her sight, or for that matter out of my lap. It was funny, we were all visiting, things were going great and then the great meltdown. All four kids declared the playdate was over at once. We lasted about 1hr15min which I figure was pretty good. It got us out of the house for a bit.

Yesterday morning, I let Izzie and Maddie tear up an old magazine. They thought they hit the lottery. They had a blast. Izzie was throwing the paper in the air, it was very cute. Maddie lost interest when I wouldn't let her eat it!

After the paper, Maddie decided playing under my desk would be much more fun.

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