Monday, February 2, 2009


Izzie showing off.

Maddie with her beautiful baby blues.


The past two days the girls have decided on a new nap schedule. The only problem is they haven't told me what it is yet. So, I'm guessing. On both days, they've made it to 11:30 without getting tired. So instead of giving them a snack like I normally do before naptime, I went ahead and gave them lunch. Then put them down at noon. Yesterday they took an hour to go down. With no crying. They just stayed up in their cribs talking and giggling and being silly. Finally they went down. Today, they did the same. Except after about 45 minutes I went in and checked on them. They both had dirty diapers so, I changed them and left the room. I excpected them to start crying then, but they didn't. They continued on for another 30 minutes of giggling and talking before finally drifting off at 1:15. Yesterday they slept for 2 solid hours, today only 1 hour. Like anytime our routine changes it take a few days to iron it out. I like that they are going down later because it seems to make them less tired and cranky in the evenings.

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