Thursday, February 19, 2009

More ponytail pics

Maddie dancing.

Izzie, not happy. But you can see her two lonely teeth in this picture.

Izzie reading her book and Maddie playing her shapes.

Izzie. Isn't she SO sweet?????

Maddie, cute as a button!

Momma and Maddie.

To explain the bibs. The girls are now bringing us bibs to put on them. Think of it as level one of dress up. They like to wear their shoes too. And if they come across a sock, yep, we have to put it on them, even if they already are wearing socks. They have some fabric that I gave them and they drape it across their shoulders too. Many days are now spent with 3-4 bibs around our necks. Thankfully, so far, I'm allowed to take them off when we go shopping. I know the day will come when I'm taking a princess and a fair lady to the grocery store.


F-C Family said...

Your girls are so cute! They remind me of my boys but girly, of course, and they have a lot more hair ;).
I found your blog through pamom and just thought I'd say hi. Our twins are pretty close in age.

Tammi said...

Ohhhh...they are s.w.e.e.t !!!
I can't wait until my twins are that age! (But I'll enjoy the fact that they can't move around too much for a while!)