Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Time Out

What a day it has been! I didn't have any activity planned today, and the girls are antsy. They've been fussing all morning long. I'd start reading them a book, one would listen the other would cry because she wanted me to read a different book. I do have to say, the girls love books. Often times if it gets too quiet and you take a peek around the corner to see what they are into, it's a book. I give them free reign over their board books and they tote them around and read them all the time. Sometimes they open the book and say, "Blah Blah Blah Blah." It's really cute.

So after reading time, we decided to play babies. That is currently another favorite activity. They got these twin baby dolls for their birthday and they carry them around everywhere. They rock them and sing to them. Today we put them "night-night" and even fed them pretend food. They are really getting into the whole baby doll thing.

Well that held their attention for oh, ten minutes, so then we tried playing stack the blocks. That did not go over well this morning. Maddie would stack, Izzie would knock over and then she'd cry. So, she'd try to stack, but she couldn't do it today. So, she got frustrated and quit. She had a much more fun time playing ball. Maddie and I were playing blocks and Izzie and I were playing ball. (This encompasses passing the ball back and forth a million and one times with a laugh and a clap between each pass.) Talk about multitasking. I'd like to see a CEO play blocks and ball at the same time without breaking concentration.

The whole morning was spent going from one activity to the next with lots and lots of crying in between. I'm not sure what got into the girls that's for sure! So, finally at 11:15 I gave them an early lunch. I figured I'd feed them and then put them down for nap.

But, after eating lunch they were laughing and giggling. It's now 12:30 and the girls are going strong. Maybe they were just hungry? I thought I gave them a filling breakfast and they seemed full when they were finished. They got homemade applesauce pancakes and cottage cheese with honey for breakfast. Maddie LOVED her cottage cheese.

Then they both got their first time out. I think they are a bit young to really get the concept of time out, but I figure I better start now, if they are up to trying to challenge me. Both girls were shaking my desk. I have duct taped my desk drawers shut so they couldn't get in them and now they like to pull on the handles as hard as they can. This desk was a Walmart special about 4 years ago. It is on it's very very last legs, and vigirous shaking from two one-year-olds may just send it over the edge. So, I told them NO. Over and over. Usually one mean look from me and a NO either sends them to tears or off to another activity. Today it sent them into giggles. I was giving my best NO face ever too. So after trying 5 different distraction methods that did not work, they both went into the pit with the gate shut for a "time out." They realized that was NOT a fun thing. They did not want to be in there when Mommy was on the outside explaining to them that she said NO and that they have to listen to her. Then I turned my back to them. After about a minute I went in gave them a hug, a cuddle, a story and then off to nap time they went. When you are one, timeouts can't last very long. They don't remember what they got in trouble for.

The challenges of parenthood; every single day I learn a new skill. You have to stay one step ahead. And you think you are smart until you meet two one-year-olds.

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