Monday, February 23, 2009

A day in the life.... (sorry no pics)

Maddie and Izzie were both very good today. We had a fun morning. The girls ate a yummy breakfast of Blueberry waffles with cream cheese and fruit on the side. After breakfast they played in the pit for an hour like usual. Sometimes they get really quite in there and I peak over the half wall. That's usually when they are reading their books. Sometimes they read out loud, but sometimes they just look at the pictures. Of course when they read out loud they are just making noises and baby talk. But they sit there and turn the pages. After playtime we gathered up our stuff and went to Walmart. We needed some new soft soled shoes since they just outgrew their pink tennis shoes. They have a pair of white tennis but because they have a hard sole, the girls just trip all over themselves when they wear them. We've been practicing but haven't mastered them yet. Walmart didn't have any shoes in their size in stock, so that was a disapointment, but we had fun going up and down the isles. I took the girls down the doll isle and they were amazed at all of the "babies!" "Baby" is one of the few words they say pretty clearly.

Shortly after we got back from Walmart it was lunch time. Today's menu included a mushroom and mozzarella Boca burger, banana, cubed mozzarella cheese and some grated carrots. More playtime ensued after lunch. After that it was time for naps! I was super busy during today's naptime. I folded a couple loads of laundry and made dinner for tonight.

The girls woke up after a wonderful 2 hour nap. Then they had a snack of graham crackers and cream cheese & milk. They signed that they wanted more. So I gave them half of a rice cake. They still wanted more. So I gave them some mandarin oranges. Then they were finally full. We played for a bit after snack and then John came home. He took over the parent gig and I went to Half Price Books by myself. I got a few new Weight Watchers cook books and a 4 CD collection called 110 Silly Songs. I was pretty happy with my score. After HPB, I stopped by Carters "just to see" what their spring collection was. I ended up buying some CUTE sandals for the girls. When I got home, they had to wear them (both girls LOVE shoes) and they wore them the rest of the evening. We went on a short walk before dinner to get some of our "fussies" out.

For dinner we all ate Shepard's Pie. Izzie was so slow eating I thought she'd still be eating by morning, but she finally finshed. Maddie pratically licked her plate. They both really liked the Shepard's Pie. More playtime/story time and then it was time for bed. Now the girls are drifting off to slumber land and I'm about to hit the gym.

That's pretty much a day in the life....

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