Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buddy Baby Shower

This afternoon I went to Sarah's baby shower. She's my buddy with PAMOM, or rather, I'm her mentor. One thing that I love about PAMOM is that all the pregnant mom's get the opportunity to be paired with a mom who has already had her twins. I'm glad I signed up for this program as a mentor because I might not have met Sarah otherwise. Our club is pretty large, with over 300 members! Sarah is having fraternal boys due in May. She picked out names and announced them at her shower. Ethan & Lucas. I have to get back to you on the middle names, because I forgot what she said. She's got their nursery halfway finished and it is looking great. Their closet is all organized with bins and hangers and a few outfits. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it will probably never look that good again once they arrive. I had a good time at the shower. Instead of games we did an arts-and-craft project. Her sister, the host, bought plain white onesies and we got to decorate them with stamps and fabric paint. I just made a very simple L and E with their names spelled underneath in script. It was fun and cute project. Oh, and instead of a diaper cake like I've seen before, she got two receiving blanket/burpie cakes! They looked awesome. I'm very sad to say that I forgot my camera but Sarah took pics with hers and maybe she'll send me some in email.

The girls got to hang out with their Daddy on his birthday. They had a good time, but the missed me while I was gone. When I got home they were eating dinner. When I picked them up out of the high chairs both girls gave me a great big bear hug. It was very precious.

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