Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boot Camp

Daddy giving Izzie a kiss, Maddie's waiting her turn.

Izzie playing with her new toy from Kid-to-Kid.

Maddie pushing her stroller. She loves playing with her baby dolls.

This morning the girls did not wake up at 7:30. I guess I bragged too much. They woke up at 6:30 instead. Figuring it was going to be a long morning, I decided to take the girls to Kid-to-Kid. The weather is nice today which got me thinking of summer clothes. Right now they girls have about 2 outfits that they fit in that are "summer wear." I found a bunch of cute clothes. The only problem is I like to dress the girls in matching clothes or at least clothes that are complimentary. When you go to Kid-to-Kid since it's all used, you have to get really lucky to find a matching outfit. I also bought the girls a mini-stroller just the right size for one of their baby dolls.

While I was at Kid-to-Kid, Ashley called and wanted me to join her for "boot camp" at the gym. Her husband is home for the day and she wanted to get out. So, I called my mom who was willing to ditch her plans to spend this beautiful day out in her garden to spend some time with her grandbabies. She came over just as I was feeding the girls lunch, and I headed to the gym.

Boot camp was hard. I wanted to quit about 18 minutes in and about 33 minutes in. I kept my eyes glued to the clock. Somehow we made it through the entire hour. We were both very proud of ourselves!

The girls only took a 40 minute nap. Which really stinks because they are going to be very tired/cranky this evening. And they wouldn't go down for a second nap. I'm about to go take them on a walk. After boot camp, I'm not sure how I'll manage, but I'll figure something out!


Lynn said...

Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been following for some time now. Used to be on the boards for january 2008 on baby fit. I just decided to start my own blogger pg today so check it out.

Amanda D said...

Hey there! Glad to see you around. I look forward to reading your blog and hope you enjoy reading mine.