Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Backyard adventures

This morning the girls were a bit on the cranky side. They kept stealing each other's toy and then getting really mad. Or, they couldn't get a shape in a certain hole, and that would make them mad. Sometimes, Izzie especially has absolutely no patience. You'd think being a twin you'd learn patience early on. "Wait, You're next, In a minute, Hold on, Just a second" These are things that I say all day every single day. Then again, maybe that's why she doesn't have patience. Well I was trying to find something new to keep them happy with this morning. It was almost lunch time, and they were about to go into full on meltdown mode. So, I opened the back door. This was cool. They both stood at the door and then looked at me as if to say, can we go? I helped each girl over the threshold. They still aren't great with transitions from one type of floor to the next, plus this had a small step. They both just stood on the porch and tried to find their balance. The slats in the porch, plus the slight incline really made it tough for them to find their footing at first. Anyway, they had a great time exploring the backyard, and it bought the 15 minutes I needed until lunch time.

Maddie and Izzie trying to find their balance.

Maddie and Izzie finally made it to the grass.

Maddie and Izzie at first just stood on the porch taking it all in.


I love this one of Maddie!

By the way, the new rompers Grandma bought the girls are so precious and today is a perfect weather day for them!

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