Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I just got back from a weight lifting/cardio class at the gym. It was really challenging, but do-able. I had to modify down a couple of times. Like when were supposed to be doing these jump-kicks, I just did the kicks. It didn't help that I was standing next to an Amazon Woman who was modifying up. Instead of doing a jump-kick, she did a jump-squat-kick. But that is one thing I like about the classes at 24 Hour Fitness. They motivate and push you, but still encourage you to go at your level, whatever that may be. I got to the class late (which is on time, but apparently to get a good spot you have to be early) so I was up against the mirror. It isn't the best spot, but it does motivate you to push a bit harder when you see yourself in the mirror.

My mom was watching the girls during all of this. Apparently they were having the time of their lives exploring Nana's big backyard. It's pretty warm out, but a bit windy. So they had their hoodies on. Mom said they were running in circles and chasing each other. I wish I could have seen it! Now, they are eating lunch and we'll play some before naptime. Hopefully all of that fresh air and running around will make the girls very sleepy today!

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