Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buddy Baby Shower

This afternoon I went to Sarah's baby shower. She's my buddy with PAMOM, or rather, I'm her mentor. One thing that I love about PAMOM is that all the pregnant mom's get the opportunity to be paired with a mom who has already had her twins. I'm glad I signed up for this program as a mentor because I might not have met Sarah otherwise. Our club is pretty large, with over 300 members! Sarah is having fraternal boys due in May. She picked out names and announced them at her shower. Ethan & Lucas. I have to get back to you on the middle names, because I forgot what she said. She's got their nursery halfway finished and it is looking great. Their closet is all organized with bins and hangers and a few outfits. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it will probably never look that good again once they arrive. I had a good time at the shower. Instead of games we did an arts-and-craft project. Her sister, the host, bought plain white onesies and we got to decorate them with stamps and fabric paint. I just made a very simple L and E with their names spelled underneath in script. It was fun and cute project. Oh, and instead of a diaper cake like I've seen before, she got two receiving blanket/burpie cakes! They looked awesome. I'm very sad to say that I forgot my camera but Sarah took pics with hers and maybe she'll send me some in email.

The girls got to hang out with their Daddy on his birthday. They had a good time, but the missed me while I was gone. When I got home they were eating dinner. When I picked them up out of the high chairs both girls gave me a great big bear hug. It was very precious.


Today is John's 31st birthday. Happy birthday Honey, we love you!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Daddy's shoes

The girls are already into dress up. I've mentioned it before, but it's fun to see their creativity at work. Tonight Izzie went and grabbed Daddy's shoes to wear. She got kind of frustrated that she couldn't walk in them, but she did a pretty good job of getting them on!

Izzie wearing Daddy's shoes. Maddie is watching and now she wants a shoe too! Notice the bib... they are constantly asking us to put their bibs on, it's all part of the dress up.

Izzie trying to get away from Maddie. Notice the girls' hair. I took their ponytails out from this morning and this is what their hair looks like.

Maddie finally managed to get a shoe away from Izzie.

Ponytails & Wrasslin'

Ponytail day:

I decided today was a ponytail morning. They look so cute! "Oooh-Eeee soooo pretty!"
(Madeline and Isabelle)

Back of the head shot.

Maddie smile!


Here is a video of the girls giggling yesterday. They were laughing so hard, but as soon as I picked up the camera it slacked off a bit. Then Izzie started wrestling Maddie. Or, as I said in the video Wrasslin'. Yep... go ahead and say it... I'm a redneck.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Play at the park

Yesterday John and I took the girls to the park. We met up with our friends Ashley, Dustin and their twins Lila and Zella. All of the girls had an absolute blast. The weather was perfect. Maddie ended up wearing Zella and Lila's extra hat, but Ashley only brought one. I'm going to have to dig out the hats from last summer!

Izzie and Maddie playing at the park.

Izzie, Daddy and Maddie

The one shot where I got all the girls in the frame. Lila and Izzie in the back, Maddie and Zella in the front.

Here I am holding Maddie, John has Izzie.

Dustin, Zella, Ashley and Lila.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Backyard adventures

This morning the girls were a bit on the cranky side. They kept stealing each other's toy and then getting really mad. Or, they couldn't get a shape in a certain hole, and that would make them mad. Sometimes, Izzie especially has absolutely no patience. You'd think being a twin you'd learn patience early on. "Wait, You're next, In a minute, Hold on, Just a second" These are things that I say all day every single day. Then again, maybe that's why she doesn't have patience. Well I was trying to find something new to keep them happy with this morning. It was almost lunch time, and they were about to go into full on meltdown mode. So, I opened the back door. This was cool. They both stood at the door and then looked at me as if to say, can we go? I helped each girl over the threshold. They still aren't great with transitions from one type of floor to the next, plus this had a small step. They both just stood on the porch and tried to find their balance. The slats in the porch, plus the slight incline really made it tough for them to find their footing at first. Anyway, they had a great time exploring the backyard, and it bought the 15 minutes I needed until lunch time.

Maddie and Izzie trying to find their balance.

Maddie and Izzie finally made it to the grass.

Maddie and Izzie at first just stood on the porch taking it all in.


I love this one of Maddie!

By the way, the new rompers Grandma bought the girls are so precious and today is a perfect weather day for them!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Izzie looking out the window and Maddie looking silly.


Izzie, Maddie and Ripley



I just got back from a weight lifting/cardio class at the gym. It was really challenging, but do-able. I had to modify down a couple of times. Like when were supposed to be doing these jump-kicks, I just did the kicks. It didn't help that I was standing next to an Amazon Woman who was modifying up. Instead of doing a jump-kick, she did a jump-squat-kick. But that is one thing I like about the classes at 24 Hour Fitness. They motivate and push you, but still encourage you to go at your level, whatever that may be. I got to the class late (which is on time, but apparently to get a good spot you have to be early) so I was up against the mirror. It isn't the best spot, but it does motivate you to push a bit harder when you see yourself in the mirror.

My mom was watching the girls during all of this. Apparently they were having the time of their lives exploring Nana's big backyard. It's pretty warm out, but a bit windy. So they had their hoodies on. Mom said they were running in circles and chasing each other. I wish I could have seen it! Now, they are eating lunch and we'll play some before naptime. Hopefully all of that fresh air and running around will make the girls very sleepy today!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A day in the life.... (sorry no pics)

Maddie and Izzie were both very good today. We had a fun morning. The girls ate a yummy breakfast of Blueberry waffles with cream cheese and fruit on the side. After breakfast they played in the pit for an hour like usual. Sometimes they get really quite in there and I peak over the half wall. That's usually when they are reading their books. Sometimes they read out loud, but sometimes they just look at the pictures. Of course when they read out loud they are just making noises and baby talk. But they sit there and turn the pages. After playtime we gathered up our stuff and went to Walmart. We needed some new soft soled shoes since they just outgrew their pink tennis shoes. They have a pair of white tennis but because they have a hard sole, the girls just trip all over themselves when they wear them. We've been practicing but haven't mastered them yet. Walmart didn't have any shoes in their size in stock, so that was a disapointment, but we had fun going up and down the isles. I took the girls down the doll isle and they were amazed at all of the "babies!" "Baby" is one of the few words they say pretty clearly.

Shortly after we got back from Walmart it was lunch time. Today's menu included a mushroom and mozzarella Boca burger, banana, cubed mozzarella cheese and some grated carrots. More playtime ensued after lunch. After that it was time for naps! I was super busy during today's naptime. I folded a couple loads of laundry and made dinner for tonight.

The girls woke up after a wonderful 2 hour nap. Then they had a snack of graham crackers and cream cheese & milk. They signed that they wanted more. So I gave them half of a rice cake. They still wanted more. So I gave them some mandarin oranges. Then they were finally full. We played for a bit after snack and then John came home. He took over the parent gig and I went to Half Price Books by myself. I got a few new Weight Watchers cook books and a 4 CD collection called 110 Silly Songs. I was pretty happy with my score. After HPB, I stopped by Carters "just to see" what their spring collection was. I ended up buying some CUTE sandals for the girls. When I got home, they had to wear them (both girls LOVE shoes) and they wore them the rest of the evening. We went on a short walk before dinner to get some of our "fussies" out.

For dinner we all ate Shepard's Pie. Izzie was so slow eating I thought she'd still be eating by morning, but she finally finshed. Maddie pratically licked her plate. They both really liked the Shepard's Pie. More playtime/story time and then it was time for bed. Now the girls are drifting off to slumber land and I'm about to hit the gym.

That's pretty much a day in the life....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dana's baby shower

Sabrina, Grandma and Izzie.

Baby shower spread. We had a great appetizer table. I love the decorations that Jackie bought.

Dana's baby room is going to be jungle theme. So cute!

Here's Dana's mother-in-law, Grandma with her friend Eunice and Aunt Judy.

Dana and Julie.

Dana waiting for the party to begin.

Here I am trying to get a picture with my girls before I got to the party. This was the best we could get. They are just SO fast these days!

So, I took a picture with each of them. Here is me and Izzie.

Maddie and Momma.

Here I am all dressed up.

Today was Dana's baby shower. It went off very well I think. Julie, Jackie and I hosted. Although, truthfully I didn't end up doing too much. I designed the invitations and I made some appetizers. I took some pictures too. But the party was a big success. Dana is looking wonderful. S got a lot of great gifts. It's fun to be on the other side of a baby shower. Now I know what all those baby things are for. I remember being overwhelmed and wondering how or what I was going to use half of the stuff for. I'm glad some people knew better than I did and bought things I wouldn't have thought to buy for my shower. A baby shower can be a corny event, usually filled with silly little games, but it is a time for the experienced mom's to hand down and share information with the new mom. Passing on of knowledge.

While at the shower, John was in charge of Maddie and Izzie. He was also playing Dungeons and Dragons (for the first time in months!) Basically the girls played for a bit, then he put them to nap. They napped for 2.5 hours (of course, since I wasn't home to enjoy it) and then he fed them a snack. After D&D he brought the girls to the end of the baby shower so they could meet and visit with people.

It was a long and short day. This morning seems like a long time ago, but then again, it seems like the day just flew on by. I'm about to go meet Ashley at the gym, so my day isn't quite over yet.

pictures to follow later.... (but I'm off to the gym right now!)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

An end of an era

So today was the first day since the girls were born that I didn't nurse them. They turned 14 months old yesterday and John and I decided that they were ready to stop nursing. I think they've been ready for a while now, I've just been holding on. For the past month I've only been nursing right before bedtime.I love the cuddles and the sweet looks they give me while nursing. But I do agree, they are getting older. They are toddlers now, not itty bitty babies. They didn't even miss me tonight. We took them upstairs, changed their diapers (it wasn't a bath night), gave them a sippy cup of milk. We cuddled them a bit and sang, "twinkle twinkle little star." Then we laid them in bed, said good night and left the room. Not one cry. No upset. They are off to slumber land. Well that isn't completely true, I cried. I miss my babies. I love my toddlers and look forward to all the adventures we will be having, but I do miss my itty bitty babies.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Office

The vast majority of today was spent building a new office. Maddie, Izzie and I did make a quick run to the grocery store this morning, but other than that John and I have been putting furniture together. We ordered a new office and it was delivered today in 9 huge boxes. Mom came over after the girls' naptime and she fed and played with them to keep them occupied while John and I screwed in about a 100 screws. (Thanks Mom, it would have taken us a week to do it otherwise!!) It was well worth the effort, the new desks are awesome looking. We found some that fit perfectly in the room, so they almost look like a built in unit. It's really cool how that turned out. We ordered three bookcases, but we did not get to building those today. It was an exhausting, long day, but John and I really enjoyed spending the time together to build something for our home.

Here's a picture of my old desk as I was trying to get it cleaned off.

The way our office was set up. My desk was in the corner next to the window and John's was on the wall that the new desks are on now, but his old desk is turned a different direction.

Right before naptime Maddie and Izzie got to investigate a bit. (This is Maddie sitting in Daddy's lap)

Izzie, Nana and Maddie playing in the "pit." They had so much fun!

John and I building one of the drawer pieces.

Starting to see the end. We have both desks built and part of one hutch done.

Our desks and hutches complete. We still need to hang our diplomas up and fill in the hutches. And of course there is those bookcases to build.... (they will go on the opposite wall, the one where my desk used to be.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More ponytail pics

Maddie dancing.

Izzie, not happy. But you can see her two lonely teeth in this picture.

Izzie reading her book and Maddie playing her shapes.

Izzie. Isn't she SO sweet?????

Maddie, cute as a button!

Momma and Maddie.

To explain the bibs. The girls are now bringing us bibs to put on them. Think of it as level one of dress up. They like to wear their shoes too. And if they come across a sock, yep, we have to put it on them, even if they already are wearing socks. They have some fabric that I gave them and they drape it across their shoulders too. Many days are now spent with 3-4 bibs around our necks. Thankfully, so far, I'm allowed to take them off when we go shopping. I know the day will come when I'm taking a princess and a fair lady to the grocery store.

Why we went to Subway tonight

At dinner last night with my fellow Mom's of Multiples we started talking about discipline. This is an important part of parenting in general but when you are dealing with multiple children of the same age, it is a must. I was sitting close at the dinner table with two ladies who have triplets. When people ask me how I can handle twins, I can always tell them, "It's easy, at least I don't have three!" The mom's of three say the same thing about not having quads. I guess it can go up the ladder and stop at the crazy woman that just had octuplets recently. But that is a digression. We all love our children and could not imagine having it any other way than the way it is. If I had had triplets, then I would have loved all of them and been super happy to have them all. But I had my twins and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But back to the discipline discussion. A couple of the ladies at the dinner table use a method called Love and Logic. It's a very popular discipline method that has several books and seminars. I actually bought the book last week and read it because so many people had been talking about it on different message boards. After reading it, I decided that I do like a lot of their methods and talking points, but overall I feel it is cold and not a loving way to raise children. (This is just my personal opinion.) It's all about real world consequences and hard knocks. Letting kids learn from their own mistakes and not cushioning their falls. I don't really buy into that. One thing I do like about the book is giving kids lots of choices. Do you want to wear this outfit or this outfit? Do you want to walk to the car or skip to the car? Do you want to have broccoli or green beans for dinner tonight? It's supposed to give kids some control of their world with the parent still maintaining the ultimate outcome.

But again, I digress. The reason I started thinking of this tonight was because a comment another lady made. After I told one of the ladies last night that I didn't think I was going to use Love and Logic on my kids, she said to me that her friend (who uses L&L) was able to take her kids out to eat without any issues. She was amazed by this and wanted it for her own kids. I think all parents want to be able to take their kids out in public and not be embarrassed, so it's a great goal to have in mind! So far, my girls have always been really great when I've taken them out to eat. But I got to thinking and we haven't really gone out to eat in a couple of months. So, I started to get worried. So, John and I took the girls to Subway tonight as a "trail run" to see how they'd do after a few months of only eating at home and grandma's house.

They did great. They ate their dinner, they didn't throw their food or their sippy's on the floor. (Maddie's did roll on the floor once, but that was an accident.) They smiled at the other customers and had a great time. Sure, Subway may not be the fanciest place, but it is a great place to do a trial run. We had fun tonight, eating out with our daughters.


Maddie with her very first ponytail!

Izzie with her first ponytail.

Last night I went out for an impromtu mothers-night-out. Ashley wanted me to join her for the PAMOM monthly MNO and so I agreed. I wasn't going to go at first, but I am so glad she talked me into it. I really ended up having a blast. We went to Chuy's Mexican restaurant. I was so excited I got to see Sarah my PAMOM buddy who is expecting B/B twins and got to talk with Jessica who is the mother of triplets. I also met Betsy who is a photographer that does a lot of photos for PAMOM who has twins herself. I met several other really nice ladies too.

This morning the girls are having a good time running around the house. Maddie's favorite thing right now is to walk around carrying her snack-trap full of ABC's and her water sippy cup. The ABC's are refrigerator magnets but they fit in her snack cup really well. She pulls one out, and I tell sing her it's "letter song" such as "'D' says da, 'D' says da, every letter makes a sound, 'D' says da!" and she puts it back in the cup. Izzie enjoys this game too, but only thinks of it when she sees Maddie playing. Izzie is into shape sorting this morning. We've been working really hard on getting the triangle in the triangle hole. Of course we get mad when it doesn't fit in the circle's hole...