Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why beets????

So, I gave the girls a wonderful dinner. They chose not to eat it. Well, since they didn't eat much lunch or snack, I decided to give them a bit of puree to see if I could fill their tummy up. They usually eat well when I feed them with a spoon. Tonight though they had other plans. I've tried giving them a spoon before and letting them feed themselves. They have shown no interest in a spoon whatsoever. That is until tonight. Yep. I was trying to feed them some beets and Izzie grabs for the spoon. So I give it to her and help her guide it to her mouth. Then Maddie wants to try. They do this four or five times. They actually are doing pretty well. Then Maddie flings beets in her eyes and Izzie gets it in her hand and rubs her face. Before I know it they are red all over and the biggest mess ever. I just want to know... why did they wait for it to be beets to show interest in the spoon?

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