Monday, January 19, 2009

Tummy troubles

Izzie was sick last night. She threw up a couple of times. It was a very rough night. I felt so bad for my little munchkin. Luckily Maddie slept through all of the upset so she is in great spirits today. This morning, Izzie drank some water and then threw it up, so I thought we were in for a rough day. But about an hour later she drank some more water and held it. So I got brave and gave her some cheerios. She did okay with that. Mom came by with some pedialyte but by then she had drank a lot of water, so I wasn't too worried about dehydration. She managed to eat a waffle and half of a banana before she fell asleep for a long nap.

Maddie has just been a 'splorin. (That's exploring...) She's been crawling everywhere doing her own little thing since I was having to take care of Izzie so much this morning. Right now, Maddie just woke up from a nap and is eating lunch and Izzie is still napping. She seemed like she was feeling better before she fell asleep, so hopefully whatever but she got passed through quickly. Maddie has been such a trooper. She even gave Izzie a kiss this morning when she wasn't feeling well.

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