Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tummy Bug: 3, Dittlinger's: 1

This was taken on Tuesday when Maddie was feeling the worst. She spent a lot of time sleeping on this blanket in the kitchen. After cleaning the carpet several times, I tried to keep her quarantined in the kitchen.

Izzie after a diaper change. At one point, I just turned up the heater and left them in diapers. I went through more outfits in two days that I normally go through in one week! (Notice the diaper changing pad is off too...) Lately both girls are fascinated with their shoes. I changed her diaper but Izzie wasn't happy until I put both her shoes and one sock on.

Yesterday I didn't touch my computer. As a matter of fact, I hardly even touched my baby girls. My super wonderful husband was a super Dad yesterday. I stayed in bed and slept all day long. I had finally succumbed to the stomach bug that my girls had been suffering through the past few days. It hit me very hard. I won't go into further details. John got the girls up, fed them and played with them all day. He even found time to make sure that I was still alive upstairs. He said it was the longest day he's had in a long time. So far the tummy bug has hit three of our family, with John still standing. Hopefully, he's bypassed this horrid bug. He can be the last man standing!

I feel much better today. The girls and I have been taking it easy this morning. We've just been playing and trying to keep things low key. I am scheduled to have a playdate tomorrow. I'm not sure if we will make it or not. I don't think we are still contagious, but we'll have to play it by ear. I also have a Mom's Night Out tomorrow night. It's Margarita Madness and I've been looking forward to it all month. This morning, I'm sure not in the mood for a margarita, but hopefully by tomorrow night I will be!

I haven't taken many pictures this week, but I have a few I'll try and put up later.


Seren Dippity said...

No mention of the fact that poor suffering Nana who did her best to help while the girls were sick succumbed also. That is one powerful bug.

If the baby girls were feeling as bad as I did yesterday... I must praise them for how good they were. I'm still not able to look at food without nausea.

I'm glad ya'll are feeling better and thank goodness that John didn't catch it at the same time. Hopefully, he'll manage to avoid this one.

Love, MoM

Amanda said...

Oops, sorry Mom... Yes, you were awesome helping me out with the girls in the early part of the week. I'm so sorry you caught it too! The evil stomach bug! You took one for the team!