Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My mom came over to play with the girls a bit yesterday. We were all playing in "the pit." For some reason, that's what we call the toy room. I'm not sure how it started. Anyway, Mom, Maddie, Izzie and I were sitting on the floor playing with the ball popper toy that Mema gave the girls for their birthday. Then Izzie went to pick up a shape from their kitchen toy. This kitchen has three shapes that are "ice cubes" you put the square, triangle, and circle in the "freezer" and push the button and it dispenses your "ice." For some reason, these three shapes are highly coveted. They have other shapes that go to other toys, but none are as good as these three.

So, like I said, Izzie pickes up the triangle. Maddie already had the square. Maddie decides she wants the triangle. She takes it. Izzie gets a little upset. My mom was sitting right next to Maddie, and said, "No, Maddie, Izzie was playing with that toy. Give it to me." And while she said this, she held out her hand for Maddie to place the shape in it. Maddie knew exactly what my mom was wanting. I know this because she hugged the shape to her body and started shaking her head. I was desperately trying not to giggle. As bad as it was, it was cute too. Mom held her hand out again and just said, "Give it to me, Maddie." Well finally, Maddie gave the shape up to her Nana. Mom gave the shape to Izzie. Well that made Maddie mad again. She was okay with sharing with Nana, but she didn't want sissy to have they toy! Finally we got her distracted back to the ball popper. Izzie was sporting two of the shapes. She leaned over and gave one of her shapes to Maddie. It was so sweet.

The coveted shapes. These are each priceless pieces of plastic. Maybe they are special because there are only three of them? Maybe they are magic. I don't know.

This is the toy the Shapes go in. I bought it for $10 at a garage sale. It's been an awesome buy for sure. For even though the Shapes cause many of fights, they also provide many hours of entertainment.

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