Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rock-a-bye baby

Maddie in the jumperoo.

I got brave the other night and served Macaroni and Cheese! It wasn't as messy as I thought it would be! Maddie loved hers. She ate every single bite, even though Ripley was disapointed!

Izzie liked the Maci-cheese too, but not nearly as much as Maddie. Actually we ended up giving the noodles that Izzie didn't eat to Maddie to finish off.

Izzie Rocking on her horse. Hit play to watch!

This has been a long week. I think adding the gym into my schedule took more of a toll on me than I thought it would. So today we just took it easy and hung out. We didn't have any grand plans to go do this or that. We spent the morning playing. I've really been working on teaching the girls sign language. The words they know the meaning of (whether or not they can sign it or not) are: milk, baby, book and all done.

Today we were in the toy room reading stories and such. I asked Izzie to bring me her "baby." She went over to the toy box and dug around for a second. She found one of her dolls and threw it on the floor. Apparently it wasn't the baby she wanted. She found the one she wanted and brought it to me. I told her good job and then I started rocking her baby. She took the baby and started rocking it too. Then Maddie and her both gave the baby kisses. I asked Maddie where her baby was. She went and grabbed the one that Izzie had thrown on the floor. She brought it over to Izzie and I started singing "Rock-a-bye baby" and we were rocking the babies. Izzie noticed I didn't have a baby, so she went and got me a teddy bear. So we sat in a circle and rocked our babies and gave them kisses. It was the sweetest thing ever. Of course when we were done, Izzie crawled in my lap and wanted me to rock her. She had to make sure that she was still my baby!

Other exciting news: This evening Izzie walked back and forth between John and I about 10 times. We were about 4 feet apart, and she took a couple of steps between us. Maddie tried too, but wasn't quite as balanced as Izzie. It was so exciting to see!

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