Friday, January 23, 2009

More adventures of the spoon

Maddie digging into the oatmeal.

Izzie thinks it's pretty tasty!

This morning started off strange. The girls laid quietly in their crib for 45 min. just sort of whispering to each other. I peeked in on them once and they seemed fine, so I let them just chill. Finally, I couldn't stand it. I started to get worried. I mean, it just isn't normal, and they've been sick. My imagination had me thinking they had a raging fever and had no energy to stand up or something weird like that. As soon as I walked in the room they both stood up and smiled. Okay, so I was being over paranoid! Well, sort of. Poor Maddie was sitting in a crib of poo. (You are reading a blog about babies, so you are going to have to hear about the poo, I'm sorry, but I promise to not go into many details.) I took a deep breath and got her cleaned up.

After that the morning returned to a somewhat normal schedule. When it was time for breakfast, I decided to give them Cherry Oatmeal (with yogurt, honey and ginger.) Lately I've been giving them applesauce oatmeal, but I wanted to mix it up a bit this morning. I added a bit too many cherries and the consistency was a bit runny, but I didn't worry about thickening. Somehow I had completely forgotten about the beet incident from last night. I started to give Maddie a spoonful of the oatmeal. She grabbed the spoon and my brain went, "oh no.." Sure enough, Izzie did the same. So I got out their suction cup bowls, and put a bit of oatmeal in each bowl. They did surprisingly well. I'd say they managed to eat 3/4 of the oatmeal, and wore about 1/4. They used the spoon a handful of times, but they ended up using their hands a lot more. It's like last night something clicked. I don't think I'm going to be able to spoon feed them anymore...

Here's Maddie and Izzie eating their oatmeal. I'm on the phone with my Mom.

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