Monday, January 5, 2009


Today is icy, cold and wet. It's been drizzling almost all day long. I took this picture this morning around 10:30 and the icicles on the tree were already 1.5 inches long. Now they are are even wider and closer to 2-3 inches long. There is also twice as many icicles on the tree. We've just been staying warm. I turned on the fireplace for awhile this morning and then I remembered that I wanted to do the oven self cleaning cycle on the next cold day. It warms up the whole house so I try and do it about once a year on a cold day.

After naptime, Nana came over for a visit with the girls. She stayed for their lunch time. They ate a ton of food. I gave them each 1/2 a tofu burger, a fruit cup, some cubed up colby jack cheese, and 1/4 of a whole wheat bagel. Not to mention milk in their sippy cups. They were still hungry after all of that so I gave them a couple Apple Granola bar cubes that I made a few days ago. Although, truthfully I don't think Maddie ate any of her burger today. Somedays she loves it, somedays no way.

Nana left in time for nap number two. They just woke up from that and are eating a snack of graham crackers with cream cheese spread. John should be home soon. I guess it's taking him longer to get home because of the weather. The icy on all the plants is truly amazing looking. I hope the roads aren't too icy!

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