Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I work out before I work out

The last two nights I've gone to the gym after the girls went down to bed. It has worked out pretty nicely. Although by the end of the day, I more want to curl up in bed or in front of the tv, not go to the gym. Tonight I have a PAMOM meeting and so I won't be able to work out. So my Mom watched the girls for me this morning so I could go to the gym today. The gym has a childcare facility, but we are trying to put off taking them there until after cold season, under the advisement of our peditrician. So, this morning, I got the girls dressed, fed and loaded in the car and took them over to Mom's house. Sometimes getting them ready feels like a workout all on it's own! Several times a day, I carry both girls at once. That means I'm lifting 40lbs of weight! I squat down and put both girls on my legs. Then with a one-two-three I hoist us all up, using my leg muscles. Who needs a gym membership??

So, the girls did great at Nana's house. I don't think they even missed me. Although when I came to pick them up, Maddie was ready to leave. She grabbed her hat and my keys and was ready to go home. It was cute. I put her in the car first and Izzie waved goodbye to us. She was ready to just stay at Nana's house.

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