Monday, January 26, 2009

I hate cold season

I am so ready for the spring to get here. I hate cold season this year like never before. The girls and I are ready to GO GO GO! But I have to weigh the consequences. If I go to this playdate will we all catch the flu? RSV? A horrible stomach virus? Does the experience of getting out, out weigh the risk of getting sick? We went to the mall a couple of Fridays ago, and then on Sunday night the girls got sick. Was it because of the mall? Or was it because of some other freak of nature? Should I go back to the mall? Tomorrow is a PAMOM playdate at the Willow Bend Mall. I really want to go! The girls had such a blast last time I went with Mom and Chris. This time, there will be other mom's to talk to. But, if I go, do we have to go through another week of sickness?

And then there is the gym. I like going to the gym and it has a daycare, but the pediatrician recommended we that we don't take the girls to it until after cold season. So, I've been going to the gym after the girls go down for bed. Which works out, but by the time I get home, get showered, it's practically my bed time. I would like to be able to take the girls to the daycare. They could meet other kids and socialize, I could get some gym time in during the day.

Oh well, this is part of life with kids. What is best? There is no right answer, you just muddle through one day at a time.


Dana Lynne said...

so nice to hear that someone else constantly has this internal conversation...i'm pretty hesitant to do lots of playdates during cold/flu season, and now that baby #2 is on the way, we may never leave the house! (which is fine...i'd rather us rarely leave the house and have healthy kiddos, than get out one day and have to stay at the house with sick kiddos!)

Amanda D said...

It looks like the weather is going to answer whether or not I go to tomorrows playdate! I just want to make sure my girls are exposed to a lot of activities... not germs!