Saturday, January 3, 2009

General Update

Last night at dinner, I was thinking about all the little things the girls are doing. For one thing, they are starting to get really good about putting shapes into holes. They are superstars at doing the circles and balls. They hit and miss on the square shapes, but they get the concept and keep trying. They bring us books that they want us to read, also. Their favorite book to bring us is Duck in Muck. It's a little board book. I keep the board books in their toy area for them to play with as much as they want. The paper books I keep out of reach. Three Billy Goats Gruff is still their favorite of the paper books. Izzie is showing some interest in the world of climbing! She dumped her toy kitchen over the other day and climbed on top of it.

Both of the girls are great eaters too. They have their moments, but in general they eat a wide variety of foods. Last night they ate pasta, shrimp and mushrooms right along side John and I! I made a shrimp and lemon pasta. They each got a shrimp and 2 button mushrooms along with some whole wheat pasta wheels that I boiled for them before I put in our spaghetti noodles. I coated their pasta in some cream cheese for an simple mac n' cheese. I hope they continue to be great eaters.

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