Saturday, January 24, 2009

Drinking & Gambling

For the family that went to Tahoe this last year, you remember the game LRC or Left Right Center. For those that don't knw it, it is a very easy game that all ages can play; but somehow it is extremely fun. You can use chips or quarters and it's a little dice game. You roll your dice and either keep your quarters or move them to the person on your left, your right or in the pot in the center. The last person with a quarter wins the pot.

Last night, I went to a mother's night out and we played this game. The theme was Margarita Madness and there were 11 mom's that came. We had guacamole, bean dip, queso and delicious margaritas. We sat around tables playing this fun little quarter game. I even came out of the evening with $1.50 in winnings. We were playing with big money, let me tell you!

It's amazing how getting together with other moms can really help rejuvenate you. Well, not even moms necessarily, just women. I mean, sure we talked about our kids a bit and our husbands some but mostly we just laughed and talked about nonsensical things. My competitive edge came out and I was determined to win even though it's a game of luck. Then the clock struck 9:30 and we all turned into pumpkins. Someone commented that they knew we were a mom's group when we all had to leave at 9:30. It was a great evening though.

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The Dentons said...

9:30?? That is super lame! HA. Glad you had a wonderful time.