Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daily observations

Well today John and I tried dropping the morning nursing. We've been down to a morning and night nursing for almost a month now. Over the past week and half the girls have shown less interest in their morning nursing. They've wanted to play right when they get up. So, I decided to be brave and try to drop it. I'm sad to say, it went off without a hitch. They didn't even miss me. Not even a little bit. John helped me bring the girls down this morning and instead of nursing I put them in their highchairs, gave them some milk and cheerios as a morning snack. Izzie did look concerned for one half of one second. She signed "milk" but was fine once she saw her sippy of milk. After their snack, they played for about an hour while I ate breakfast and then I gave them a bigger breakfast.

Izzie has now started tantrums. They seem to come out when she's tired and cannot communicate what she wants. The girl wants to be able to talk. She threw one yesterday briefly at the mall, but I gave the girls a snack and she was fine. Tonight she kept throwing little fits anytime Maddie touched her. And then there was the incident with the book. They have a little board book called "Ducks in Muck." They love this little book. Well, she wanted me to read it to her this evening so I did. Then SHE wanted to read the book herself. But she had trouble turning the pages. So every time she wanted to turn the page she threw the book down and screamed. I helped her turn the page and she would repeat. She wouldn't let me hold the book for her though, or even help her turn the pages while she was holding the book. She was just really tired. It was right before bedtime.

I might have mentioned this before, but Maddie is TOTALLY into kisses right now. She loves giving kisses. She especially loves kissing the top of John's head. She'll kiss Izzie, her dolly, me, her teddy... basically anything that looks like it needs a good kiss. She also started stacking blocks today. She made a tower three blocks high with a bit of encouragement from John.

Now, they are sound asleep and I'm tired. I just got back in from the gym. I don't know how I have the energy to go to the gym, except for the philosophy that you are supposed to GAIN energy from working out. It's worth a try since I've been dragging lately. I think it might start working once I work through the soreness. The girls have been keeping me even more busy lately. They are very much in a stage where they want me or John with them at all times. We haven't gotten as much independent play the past couple of weeks. That seems to always fluctuate though...

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