Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blurb book, need help!

Hey all... I'm getting ready to turn my blog into a book using I've been working on this project for over a year now! The book looks great. The thing is, I can't think of a title. After joining the blogging community I've seen so many blogs with great names. I wish I would have picked something better than txtwins as a blog title. So I'm stuck for my book title. Again, this is a memory book/journal of my girls first year of life. Right now it is sitting at 385 pages! I was going to title it, "Our First Year Together" or "Raising Twins" but those sound stilted and boring. Please help me come up with a better title! John suggesting "Mazzie BooBear" which is their combined nicknames. I'm playing with that idea. The book is about them, but it is also our whole family so I'm not sure if that works? So, I need help!

I'm so proud that I've kept this up so well. This is from a person who has a fear of writing! I was originally going to keep this blog private, but so many friends and family wanted to read it. You see, I'm NOT the writer in the family. That would be my sister who is a VERY talented writer. But one thing I've learned is that when you are doing something for your children, you overcome your fears and just do it. I know one day the girls will LOVE reading over this book that details their first year of life that is what has kept me writing almost every single day. Now, I love it. I write for myself, but I love to hear that others enjoy reading about our girls.

If you have a title suggestion, please leave me a comment!


Dana Lynne said...

Maybe just something similar to New Year's titles: Mazzie BooBear: A Year in Review...or Mazzie BooBear: Year 1; Mazzie BooBear: A Fun First Year...

I definitely think Mazzie BooBear is something to stick with...I think it would be esp. neat if you could do something similar each year "Mazzie BooBear: Year 2...Year 3...etc."


Anonymous said...

How about..