Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blog overload

Yesterday I saw Maddie and Izzie wrestling with each other. They were giggling the whole time. I tried to sneak a picture, but with the flash turned off, it was a bit fuzzy. (Izzie is in the pink and Maddie is in the yellow)

A picture of me pulling Maddie and Izzie in their wagon.

I've spent the past couple of days intensly putting together my blog book. I've been working on it throught the year (thank goodness!) but now, I'm putting in the last couple of blogs and doing some proofing. I am also putting captions to all of the photos. I've been so careful to label pictures as soon as possible so that the girls will know who is who in photos when they are older. Sometimes after I take a picture I think I know for sure who it is. Then when I look at that photo a month or two later, I've not a clue! I can't wait to order it. I still have to design a cover for it.

Maddie has not been herself the past couple of days. She hardly wants to spend any time in the toy room. She wants mommy or daddy with her at all times. It's getting exhausting. Luckily Izzie has been in terrific spirits. Right now, they are both playing in "the pit" finally. While I was out feeding my mom's cats earlier, John said Maddie took two unassisted steps towards him! He said it was mostly momentum that carried her, but they are both on their way to walking!

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