Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby signs

Maddie and Izzie in new outfits that Chris's parents gave them for Christmas.

What a great day it turned out to be. Maddie and Izzie were so happy today. We spent the morning playing with all of the toys in the play area. At one point I asked Izzie to bring me a book and while I said it I did the sign for "book." She crawled across the playroom and brought me a book! I was so excited. She's also been practicing the sign for "all done." Or at least I've been working with her. Maddie too, but Izzie's catching on more right now. At lunch when she was done with her milk she threw it down on the floor. I gave it back to her and asked her if she was "all done" along with the sign. She signed it back to me and so I took her milk and put it up for her. And this evening when we were playing I asked Izzie where her Baby was. She went and got it and started rocking it like I always show her. It was precious. Then Maddie got her baby and started giving it kisses. Maddie is really into kisses right now. I love all the sugar she gives me each day!

This afternoon we went to Kohls and Target to make some returns. The girls like their new carseats. They did great they whole time we were out. At Target I met another women who had 9 mo old twins with her. She was so excited to see 1 year old twins and we stood and visited for a while.

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Seren Dippity said...

All they need is a ball and chain to complete the outfit. They look like prisoners with the black stripes and the jail "bars" behind them! CUTE!

My grandbabies are so precious! And smart!