Saturday, January 31, 2009


Maddie and Grandpa


Izzie, Sabrina & Maddie


Dana pregnancy picture.

So much for boring yesterday. Today I was super busy. I hit the ground running. I did so much today, but I'll have to write about it tomorrow. I'm so tired, I just got back in from the gym and I'm going to go shower and go to bed early.

Izzie was walking SO much today!! Go girl!

Sad: I left my camera over at Jackies house... no pictures for a few days until I can get it back!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Maddie practicing with her spoon

Izzie and Maddie going through their cabinet... it must be a right of passage to go through Momma's kitchen cabinets.


Izzie drinking her water. The girls love drinking water out of their sippies.


I am stuck in such a rut these days. We have our routine down to the minute almost, with some flexibility built in around the nap hour. Seriously, I'm boring. Today the girls surprised me by not waking up until 8 am. It was a very nice gift. I slept in and it was glorious. But, still we've been right on with our routine.

Here's how it goes lately:
Wake Up: Drink milk from a sippy and a handful of cheerios.
Play: Play in the toy room for an hour
Breakfast: Eat a yummy breakfast of Oatmeal, Eggs or Waffles with fruit
Open Play: Play all around the downstairs while mommy plays on the computer (and checks on us)
Mommy Time: Read books, play toys, crawl on mommy.
Snack: Eat a small snack with our Milk
Nap: Hopefully 2 hours, more likely 1 Hr 15 min
Lunch: Varies greatly, Meat, Fruit, Cheese, Grain
Play: Open play, playroom or Mommy time
Second Nap: occasionally
Snack: Graham crackers with cream cheese, tortilla with hummus, or fruit
Daddy comes home: Play with him while Mommy prepares dinner
Dinner: Either what Mommy and Daddy are having or something similar
Kitchen Play: While Mommy cleans the kitchen and we destroy it
Bath: Every other night

Rinse and Repeat.

I seriously need to shake things up. Today after nap we plan on going grocery shopping. That's always fun. And this afternoon since the weather is a bit warmer we'll go on a walk. I really do have a lot of fun with the girls. It's amazing to see how much they do in a day. And from day to day how much they are growing. Izzie is taking more and more steps each day. It won't be long before she is running!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1 yr, 1 mo, 1 wk & 1 day

I just noticed that the girls are 1 year, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day old today! How neat is that? The other day on one of my twin mommy message boards someone was commenting that the twins in our group were all about a year old. She was was wondering what the differences in personalities were between everyone's twins. This is what I wrote:

At one year old the girls personalities are:
Maddie (Baby A) - More independent. She likes to take her time to figure out a problem. She doesn't hesitate to ask for help, but she likes to try something first. She also likes to sit back and watch what's going on. She wants whatever toy that Izzie is playing with at the time. She loves giving kisses!

Izzie (Baby B) - Loud. Always making a noise, she wants to be able to talk in full sentences already. She gets very angry when she can't get her point across and is already throwing full blown temper tantrums. She is also my cuddle bug. Her favorite place to be is in mommies lap. She is my social butterfly.

It will be interesting to see how they change, grow and develop over the years!

It's a very cold icy day today. There are huge (for Texas) icicles hanging from
everything. The street looks like it is glazed over with ice. The temperature is a very cold 24 degrees. I hope all of my mom's plants survived! I know she has brought most of them indoors at this point. My daffodils started to come up from last year because we had 80 degree weather about a week ago. I wonder if this cold will kill them? We shall see. I am so ready for spring. I want to go to the park with the girls, go to the zoo, go to the pool just go, go, go!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Maddie and Izzie playing in boxes. Izzie got in a box all by herself and then Maddie wanted one. So we emptied a diaper box and let her crawl in.

Maddie giving Izzie a kiss. These are the outfits the girls got for their birthday from Aunt Tonya.

Maddie hugging her baby.

Maddie playing hide & go seek.

Maddie and Izzie "posing" for a picture.

More like doing whatever they could to not pose for a picture...

Ripley, John and Izzie.

Temper Tantrums

Progression of a REALLY good temper tantrum: Age 13 months:

Stage One: Throw self to floor and look really pitiful.

Stage Two: Take a peek to make sure your audience is enthralled.

Stage Three: Get mad when audience is taking a picture.

Stage Four: Work up a REALLY good scream.

Stage Five: "The world is so SAD and NO one cares about me!!"

Last: Lay quietly out of sheer exhaustion. Make sure you still have a good pouty face.

Maddie worried that sissy is okay.

Once she realized that sissy was okay, she sat back and enjoyed the show.

I decided not to go to the playdate this morning at the mall. It's about a 40 minute drive from my house and the weather is terrible. It's supposed to freeze sometime around noon too, so there are going to be ice patches on the road. The girls have been excellent this morning. Izzie seems more like herself than she has been the past few days. For a couple of days now she has been having these horrible temper tantrums. Throwing herself to the floor, crossing her arms, screaming fits. It really had me perplexed. She's always been a bit of a drama queen, but this was starting to really scare me as how her toddler years were going to go. Thank goodness today she has been a lot more mellow.

John came home early from work, due to the predicted ice storm. So as soon as he got home, I booked it to the gym. I wanted to get a work out done since it'll be unsafe to drive tonight. On the way home I stopped to get milk, since we may be house bound for a day or two. The girls are napping now. Nothing else exciting planned for today.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I hate cold season

I am so ready for the spring to get here. I hate cold season this year like never before. The girls and I are ready to GO GO GO! But I have to weigh the consequences. If I go to this playdate will we all catch the flu? RSV? A horrible stomach virus? Does the experience of getting out, out weigh the risk of getting sick? We went to the mall a couple of Fridays ago, and then on Sunday night the girls got sick. Was it because of the mall? Or was it because of some other freak of nature? Should I go back to the mall? Tomorrow is a PAMOM playdate at the Willow Bend Mall. I really want to go! The girls had such a blast last time I went with Mom and Chris. This time, there will be other mom's to talk to. But, if I go, do we have to go through another week of sickness?

And then there is the gym. I like going to the gym and it has a daycare, but the pediatrician recommended we that we don't take the girls to it until after cold season. So, I've been going to the gym after the girls go down for bed. Which works out, but by the time I get home, get showered, it's practically my bed time. I would like to be able to take the girls to the daycare. They could meet other kids and socialize, I could get some gym time in during the day.

Oh well, this is part of life with kids. What is best? There is no right answer, you just muddle through one day at a time.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good news!!!

Lisa Elaine Palmisano

My cousin Lisa is expecting! She is due at the beginning of October. This will be her second baby. She can't decide if she wants a girl or a boy. She would be excited for a boy because then AJ would have a little brother, but a girl would give her one baby of each sex. I'm so excited for her!

A not-much-happening weekend

Izzie, Maddie and ... Ripley eating lunch. He sits by not so patiently waiting for goodness to fall from the sky.

Izzie and Maddie checking out the doggy-door. So far, there have been no attempts to go through it. But they both like to try and look through it.

This has been a not-much-going-on weekend. Which we needed after last week. Last week was definitely a hard week that I'm glad is over! Right now the girls are eating lunch with their forks for the first time. The past few days, ever since the tummy bug, the girls have gotten to be a bit picky with what they want to eat. While their tummies were hurt, they pretty much ate Cheerios and Graham Crackers all day long. So, now that's all they want. Well, and fruit. They love fruit so that's good at least. Today I gave them some cheese raviolis and they wouldn't even taste them. So, I pulled out their toddler forks and showed them how to stab the ravioli. After that they ate them all up. (With lots of help from me. They haven't mastered the fork stabbing technique.) To bad I know that tricks like that won't last forever!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Drinking & Gambling

For the family that went to Tahoe this last year, you remember the game LRC or Left Right Center. For those that don't knw it, it is a very easy game that all ages can play; but somehow it is extremely fun. You can use chips or quarters and it's a little dice game. You roll your dice and either keep your quarters or move them to the person on your left, your right or in the pot in the center. The last person with a quarter wins the pot.

Last night, I went to a mother's night out and we played this game. The theme was Margarita Madness and there were 11 mom's that came. We had guacamole, bean dip, queso and delicious margaritas. We sat around tables playing this fun little quarter game. I even came out of the evening with $1.50 in winnings. We were playing with big money, let me tell you!

It's amazing how getting together with other moms can really help rejuvenate you. Well, not even moms necessarily, just women. I mean, sure we talked about our kids a bit and our husbands some but mostly we just laughed and talked about nonsensical things. My competitive edge came out and I was determined to win even though it's a game of luck. Then the clock struck 9:30 and we all turned into pumpkins. Someone commented that they knew we were a mom's group when we all had to leave at 9:30. It was a great evening though.

Friday, January 23, 2009

More adventures of the spoon

Maddie digging into the oatmeal.

Izzie thinks it's pretty tasty!

This morning started off strange. The girls laid quietly in their crib for 45 min. just sort of whispering to each other. I peeked in on them once and they seemed fine, so I let them just chill. Finally, I couldn't stand it. I started to get worried. I mean, it just isn't normal, and they've been sick. My imagination had me thinking they had a raging fever and had no energy to stand up or something weird like that. As soon as I walked in the room they both stood up and smiled. Okay, so I was being over paranoid! Well, sort of. Poor Maddie was sitting in a crib of poo. (You are reading a blog about babies, so you are going to have to hear about the poo, I'm sorry, but I promise to not go into many details.) I took a deep breath and got her cleaned up.

After that the morning returned to a somewhat normal schedule. When it was time for breakfast, I decided to give them Cherry Oatmeal (with yogurt, honey and ginger.) Lately I've been giving them applesauce oatmeal, but I wanted to mix it up a bit this morning. I added a bit too many cherries and the consistency was a bit runny, but I didn't worry about thickening. Somehow I had completely forgotten about the beet incident from last night. I started to give Maddie a spoonful of the oatmeal. She grabbed the spoon and my brain went, "oh no.." Sure enough, Izzie did the same. So I got out their suction cup bowls, and put a bit of oatmeal in each bowl. They did surprisingly well. I'd say they managed to eat 3/4 of the oatmeal, and wore about 1/4. They used the spoon a handful of times, but they ended up using their hands a lot more. It's like last night something clicked. I don't think I'm going to be able to spoon feed them anymore...

Here's Maddie and Izzie eating their oatmeal. I'm on the phone with my Mom.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why beets????

So, I gave the girls a wonderful dinner. They chose not to eat it. Well, since they didn't eat much lunch or snack, I decided to give them a bit of puree to see if I could fill their tummy up. They usually eat well when I feed them with a spoon. Tonight though they had other plans. I've tried giving them a spoon before and letting them feed themselves. They have shown no interest in a spoon whatsoever. That is until tonight. Yep. I was trying to feed them some beets and Izzie grabs for the spoon. So I give it to her and help her guide it to her mouth. Then Maddie wants to try. They do this four or five times. They actually are doing pretty well. Then Maddie flings beets in her eyes and Izzie gets it in her hand and rubs her face. Before I know it they are red all over and the biggest mess ever. I just want to know... why did they wait for it to be beets to show interest in the spoon?

Tummy Bug: 3, Dittlinger's: 1

This was taken on Tuesday when Maddie was feeling the worst. She spent a lot of time sleeping on this blanket in the kitchen. After cleaning the carpet several times, I tried to keep her quarantined in the kitchen.

Izzie after a diaper change. At one point, I just turned up the heater and left them in diapers. I went through more outfits in two days that I normally go through in one week! (Notice the diaper changing pad is off too...) Lately both girls are fascinated with their shoes. I changed her diaper but Izzie wasn't happy until I put both her shoes and one sock on.

Yesterday I didn't touch my computer. As a matter of fact, I hardly even touched my baby girls. My super wonderful husband was a super Dad yesterday. I stayed in bed and slept all day long. I had finally succumbed to the stomach bug that my girls had been suffering through the past few days. It hit me very hard. I won't go into further details. John got the girls up, fed them and played with them all day. He even found time to make sure that I was still alive upstairs. He said it was the longest day he's had in a long time. So far the tummy bug has hit three of our family, with John still standing. Hopefully, he's bypassed this horrid bug. He can be the last man standing!

I feel much better today. The girls and I have been taking it easy this morning. We've just been playing and trying to keep things low key. I am scheduled to have a playdate tomorrow. I'm not sure if we will make it or not. I don't think we are still contagious, but we'll have to play it by ear. I also have a Mom's Night Out tomorrow night. It's Margarita Madness and I've been looking forward to it all month. This morning, I'm sure not in the mood for a margarita, but hopefully by tomorrow night I will be!

I haven't taken many pictures this week, but I have a few I'll try and put up later.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Year, One Month

Today the girls turn 13 months, or one year and one month old. It's pretty standard to go by months until age 2. They still aren't walking, but they are very very close. They will take a few steps unassisted but don't have the confidence walk.

This morning, I thought that the girls were over their tummy bug. Turns out, I was wrong. Izzie has had diarrhea all day and Maddie has thrown up multiple times. Right now, Izzie is finally interested in a few cheerios and goldfish and Maddie is taking a nap on a blanket in the kitchen.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tummy troubles

Izzie was sick last night. She threw up a couple of times. It was a very rough night. I felt so bad for my little munchkin. Luckily Maddie slept through all of the upset so she is in great spirits today. This morning, Izzie drank some water and then threw it up, so I thought we were in for a rough day. But about an hour later she drank some more water and held it. So I got brave and gave her some cheerios. She did okay with that. Mom came by with some pedialyte but by then she had drank a lot of water, so I wasn't too worried about dehydration. She managed to eat a waffle and half of a banana before she fell asleep for a long nap.

Maddie has just been a 'splorin. (That's exploring...) She's been crawling everywhere doing her own little thing since I was having to take care of Izzie so much this morning. Right now, Maddie just woke up from a nap and is eating lunch and Izzie is still napping. She seemed like she was feeling better before she fell asleep, so hopefully whatever but she got passed through quickly. Maddie has been such a trooper. She even gave Izzie a kiss this morning when she wasn't feeling well.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Toy box

So, I was about to go feed the girls breakfast and I walked past the toy room. This is what I saw:

I had to go and grab my camera as fast as I could. Then I realized Maddie was hanging from the side. She was stuck. She couldn't put her feet back down on the floor. Izzie was sitting down in the toy box, but she stood up as soon as she saw me. I can't figure out how Izzie got in without going head first....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daily observations

Well today John and I tried dropping the morning nursing. We've been down to a morning and night nursing for almost a month now. Over the past week and half the girls have shown less interest in their morning nursing. They've wanted to play right when they get up. So, I decided to be brave and try to drop it. I'm sad to say, it went off without a hitch. They didn't even miss me. Not even a little bit. John helped me bring the girls down this morning and instead of nursing I put them in their highchairs, gave them some milk and cheerios as a morning snack. Izzie did look concerned for one half of one second. She signed "milk" but was fine once she saw her sippy of milk. After their snack, they played for about an hour while I ate breakfast and then I gave them a bigger breakfast.

Izzie has now started tantrums. They seem to come out when she's tired and cannot communicate what she wants. The girl wants to be able to talk. She threw one yesterday briefly at the mall, but I gave the girls a snack and she was fine. Tonight she kept throwing little fits anytime Maddie touched her. And then there was the incident with the book. They have a little board book called "Ducks in Muck." They love this little book. Well, she wanted me to read it to her this evening so I did. Then SHE wanted to read the book herself. But she had trouble turning the pages. So every time she wanted to turn the page she threw the book down and screamed. I helped her turn the page and she would repeat. She wouldn't let me hold the book for her though, or even help her turn the pages while she was holding the book. She was just really tired. It was right before bedtime.

I might have mentioned this before, but Maddie is TOTALLY into kisses right now. She loves giving kisses. She especially loves kissing the top of John's head. She'll kiss Izzie, her dolly, me, her teddy... basically anything that looks like it needs a good kiss. She also started stacking blocks today. She made a tower three blocks high with a bit of encouragement from John.

Now, they are sound asleep and I'm tired. I just got back in from the gym. I don't know how I have the energy to go to the gym, except for the philosophy that you are supposed to GAIN energy from working out. It's worth a try since I've been dragging lately. I think it might start working once I work through the soreness. The girls have been keeping me even more busy lately. They are very much in a stage where they want me or John with them at all times. We haven't gotten as much independent play the past couple of weeks. That seems to always fluctuate though...

Playday at the Mall

Yesterday, Nana, Popo, Maddie, Izzie and I all went to the Shops at Willow Bend Mall to their awesome toddler play area. The place looks like a giant "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" movie set. The floor is this bouncy soft material with a giant "napkin" pictured on it. There is a big plate of steak & eggs, a coffee cup, jam, a big spoon and fork... you get the idea. Anyway, the girls had an absolute blast! Izzie dove right in. She was so excited she didn't know what to do first. Maddie sat back and watched a bit, but she had just as much fun as Izzie. They weren't intimidated by all of the other kids or anything. (Some of the other kids were a bit too big for the play area in my opinion...) Here are some pictures from our outing.

Izzie love sliding down the jam package. She'd hit the bottom, almost cry and then want to go again and again. This was about the time both of them started melting down. We'd been playing for 30 min and they were about to crash. I gave them a snack and they played for 30 more minutes. They just needed a recharge! It's worth noting that their snack was a tortilla with garlic flavored humus spread on it. I think it's awesome that my one year olds love garlic flavored humus!

Izzie standing at the big steak. She spent the whole time tryint go figure out how to get up on the steak like the older kids. She figured it out too!

Here's Izzie and Maddie crawling over the rim of the plate. The sides of the plate made a great little mini slide.

Maddie taking a moment to absorb all of the action.

Maddie sitting in a spoon.

Maddie riding the hot sauce bottle.

Popo helping me slide Maddie and Izzie down the jam slide.

When we got home, they had just enough energy to rock on their elephant and lamb rockers. (Maddie)

Here's Izzie.

Maddie and Izzie.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My quads

Izzie and Maddie were sitting in front of the mirror and I was lucky to catch this shot. I think it would be cool to try and set up a better shot of this where the mirror angle is better.

Ladies & Gentemen, we have a tooth!

At 1 year, 3 weeks and 6 days old, Madeline Elizabeth finally got her first tooth! It's her bottom right one, just like sissy got a few weeks ago. Now Izzie has two bottom teeth, and Maddie is about to have two also, I can see the second tooth just under the gum line. Maybe there is steak in their future after all. I thought my girls were going to be on a mushy diet for their whole lives!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rock-a-bye baby

Maddie in the jumperoo.

I got brave the other night and served Macaroni and Cheese! It wasn't as messy as I thought it would be! Maddie loved hers. She ate every single bite, even though Ripley was disapointed!

Izzie liked the Maci-cheese too, but not nearly as much as Maddie. Actually we ended up giving the noodles that Izzie didn't eat to Maddie to finish off.

Izzie Rocking on her horse. Hit play to watch!

This has been a long week. I think adding the gym into my schedule took more of a toll on me than I thought it would. So today we just took it easy and hung out. We didn't have any grand plans to go do this or that. We spent the morning playing. I've really been working on teaching the girls sign language. The words they know the meaning of (whether or not they can sign it or not) are: milk, baby, book and all done.

Today we were in the toy room reading stories and such. I asked Izzie to bring me her "baby." She went over to the toy box and dug around for a second. She found one of her dolls and threw it on the floor. Apparently it wasn't the baby she wanted. She found the one she wanted and brought it to me. I told her good job and then I started rocking her baby. She took the baby and started rocking it too. Then Maddie and her both gave the baby kisses. I asked Maddie where her baby was. She went and grabbed the one that Izzie had thrown on the floor. She brought it over to Izzie and I started singing "Rock-a-bye baby" and we were rocking the babies. Izzie noticed I didn't have a baby, so she went and got me a teddy bear. So we sat in a circle and rocked our babies and gave them kisses. It was the sweetest thing ever. Of course when we were done, Izzie crawled in my lap and wanted me to rock her. She had to make sure that she was still my baby!

Other exciting news: This evening Izzie walked back and forth between John and I about 10 times. We were about 4 feet apart, and she took a couple of steps between us. Maddie tried too, but wasn't quite as balanced as Izzie. It was so exciting to see!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a busy week

It's been a busy week. I can't believe it's only Wednesday! On Monday, Julie & kids came to visit. Yesterday, I had my PAMOM meeting and today I'm meeting my PAMOM buddy, Sarah, for lunch and shopping at Babies R Us! I have nothing planned for tomorrow, but on Friday I have loose plans for a playdate at the mall. All in all, this week has been a fun one.

Izzie has been getting her second tooth in, and it's almost all the way up. Maddie is at almost 13 months still toothless. Both girls are so very close to walking. They are getting braver and brave each and everyday. Izzie did take 4 steps towards me a few nights ago! Maddie has fun transfering between objects and gets brave enough if they are one step away.

I want to say congrats to Julie for starting her very own blog! She just got it started yesterday, but I look forward to seeing it come to life.

Well, I better get going. I've got to get the girls dressed, pack them a lunch, bundle them up (it's COLD outside!) and get going for our lunch date!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I work out before I work out

The last two nights I've gone to the gym after the girls went down to bed. It has worked out pretty nicely. Although by the end of the day, I more want to curl up in bed or in front of the tv, not go to the gym. Tonight I have a PAMOM meeting and so I won't be able to work out. So my Mom watched the girls for me this morning so I could go to the gym today. The gym has a childcare facility, but we are trying to put off taking them there until after cold season, under the advisement of our peditrician. So, this morning, I got the girls dressed, fed and loaded in the car and took them over to Mom's house. Sometimes getting them ready feels like a workout all on it's own! Several times a day, I carry both girls at once. That means I'm lifting 40lbs of weight! I squat down and put both girls on my legs. Then with a one-two-three I hoist us all up, using my leg muscles. Who needs a gym membership??

So, the girls did great at Nana's house. I don't think they even missed me. Although when I came to pick them up, Maddie was ready to leave. She grabbed her hat and my keys and was ready to go home. It was cute. I put her in the car first and Izzie waved goodbye to us. She was ready to just stay at Nana's house.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Playdate with the cousins

Izzie and Maddie

Julie and Sabrina


Izzie, Sabrina and Maddie


Julie, Sabrina and Sammy came to visit today! We had a good time just hanging out and visiting. The girls were playing "together" and Sammy played some with them and some by himself. Maddie and Izzie got some big legos for Christmas that I haven't brought out for them yet, and Sammy had fun playing with those.