Monday, December 8, 2008

Wonderful day

Sometimes the planets align and the day is just wonderful. Just an average, ordianry day that turns out to be special. I didn't have any grandiose plans for this Monday, and sometimes that is for the best. The girls have been in great moods today. They day started at 6:30 this morning when both Maddie and Izzie popped up in their cribs with smiles on their faces. We did our usual morning routine of nursing, then playing while I ate. Then the cleaning bug bit me. I scrubbed down the kitchen, got to some clutter that was in the living room, did a couple loads of laundry and washed the downstairs bathroom. I even did some straightening in my art room. All before 11:00 this morning!

Then my buddy from PAMOM, Sarah called and asked if she could stop by today. The timing was perfect, the girls had just gotten up from their morning nap. She came and hung out for a while. I think she really enjoys seeing the girls. I know when I was pregnant I wanted to be around twins, so I could picture how life might be.

Now the girls are down for their afternoon nap and I even did a few minutes of sewing. I've got a few ongoing projects that I haven't touched in a few months! and I really want to get to them. I've been reading a new blog,
maya*made and this woman has totally inspired me. After reading some of her creative projects, it's got me wanting to get back into my projects.

Now for some pics:

Maddie and Izzie. The stage where I could prop them up and take a cute picture is LONG gone. I wanted to show off these cute play outfits SO badly. Maddie thought it was hilarious. She kept lunging for the camera. Izzie's top says Sweet with a big cherry. I guess you'll just have to use your imagination!

Maddie and Izzie. We were watching Daddy hang Christmas lights. The temperature was great, but it was VERY windy, that's why we have the hats on.

John on the roof hanging lights! I'll try taking a pic after dark and post it soon!

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